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LOL World 2021 Viewership : Return of T1 Faker brings 2.2 Million Views on his Worlds 2021 Debut match

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Faker returns with a bang

The Viewership Insight Report for the League of Legends World Championship revealed the views of Group Stage first day, across various media outlets. Starting match of the day had maximum concurrent views.

Faker returned from his exile. He joined back to the team which started the most celebrated saga in the E-Sports world. SK Telecom T1 was rebranded as T1 during the pandemic.

A concurrent Dota 2 team was also launched after team management announced Faker’s return to LOL. ESCharts(E-Sports Charts) released an article stating the viewership count for the League of Legends World Championships.

League of Legends fans had been waiting for almost two years to hear about T1 and Faker finally returning to Worlds 2021. Primary evidence is T1’s debut game in the group stage, which was watched by 2.2M concurrent viewers.

T1 Faker had missed the 2020 worlds after T1 lost their final chance to appear at the World Championships in 2020. A massive disaster considering the reputation of T1 Faker and his team.

“League of Legends Korean GOD, Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-Hyeok, and T1 squad have lost last hope for Worlds 2020 slot following defeat to Gen.G in the LCK’s Regional Qualifier.”- Gaming News on Sep 9, 2020

2020 would be the first year, since the start of the LOL Worlds in 2011, where Faker would not be stepping onto the main stage. News spread like wildfire overnight. Korean media, due to high national expectations, did not seem to help his cause.

Through pandemic, we received no more news of Faker or SK telecom T1. They Qualified this year and finally announced Faker’s return to the team too.

T1 have just won their first game a couple of days ago. They occupy joint second place in Group B.

LOL World Championship received its most viewership for a single day and broke its own viewership records across multiple channels. This included Twitch and Youtube aired in English, along with their counterparts in Spanish and German.

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Faker has won 3 consecutive League of Legends the World Championship title with T1(formerly SK Telecom T1)

Most concurrent viewership was on Twitch for all three languages. Latin viewership was the lowest among all of the languages. Youtube had peak concurrent viewership of 514 953 on Day 1 of the Group stage.

Worlds really start from the group stage(qualifier does not count) with Gaming Gods from Korea, China, Europe and North America joining the fray. Compared to the Qualifier(Play-In) stage, the audience has grown from 877.6K to 1.47M (68% improvement). FnaticTeam Liquid and Royal Never Give Up played their first matches and hence the total view count increased many folds.

Team T1 have their next match on Saturday against the 100 Thieves. I have been following Faker since the start of 2013 and it is just wonderful to see him play every match.

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