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Tony Khan Reportedly Wants Separate TV Show for Ring of Honor and AEW Women

Yasser Ayaz

2023 AEW Revolution

Dave Meltzer condemns Tony Khan for pitching ROH and All Elite Women as separate shows to Warmer Bros. Discovery (WBD).

Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer, in his recent report, talked about WBD wanting to produce more non-wrestling content with AEW. Calling it a major vote of confidence for Tony Khan, Meltzer noted that WBD is looking for new shoulder programs on TBS and TNT to hold onto their existing fans.

WBD acknowledges AEW’s good ratings and therefore wants more. Tony’s partners aim to build something “that’s not in a wrestling ring”.

Right now, Warner Bros. Discovery is already working on a reality show with AEW couples to replace “Rhodes to the Top”. That being said, the report also noted that AEW President is pitching ROH and All Elite Women as separate shows to WBD.

Dave Meltzer disagrees with Tony Khan, says fans “can’t watch all of them”

In the recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Meltzer also expressed his honest views on Tony Khan aiming for more weekly shows. He rejected the idea saying there is no need to add more wrestling hours. Dave Meltzer stated that fans already have a lot to pick and watch from.

Tony Khan pitching for more separate shows means more hours of wrestling. He asserted that fans won’t be able to watch all, and that’s what is happening with AEW Rampage right now.

Dave Meltzer noted that out of all the wrestling shows, fans see Rampage as a “can miss” one. He called that one of the biggest reasons the numbers are falling for AEW Rampage. The report stated:

“Dave [Meltzer] believes that there is no demand for adding hours of wrestling content, and wrestling fans have as many hours now, and can’t watch all of them, which is a reason Rampage numbers are sliding…”

It appears Tony Khan has a lot on his plate right now, and he is trying to make the best of it. However, Dave Meltzer approves of the idea and prefers quality over quantity. It’s not just the outer decisions, many fans and pundits are dissatisfied with Tony’s in-ring decisions too.

The AEW President is receiving criticism for his recent booking decisions

Tony Khan may be confident about his product moving forward but not everyone shares the same thought. Recently, the AEW President has received at lot of negative reaction for his recent in-ring decisions.

He is getting criticized for booking matches without any proper build. In fact, the company is making more news for backstage conflicts than for in-ring work. Memes are being posted where fans predict the booking of WWE stars in AEW.

Nevertheless, with Triple H uplifting WWE’s product, it seems Tony Khan will be facing more competition now than ever. Not to forget, the controversies that are affecting creative decisions and making things even tougher. Let’s see, how the AEW President turns things around and gets everything on the right track.

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