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“A burial on TV” – Was Vince McMahon angry with a current champion and wanted to punish him on live tv?

Yasser Ayaz
|Wed Aug 17 2022

Latest reports indicate that the management under Vince McMahon was going to bury Gunther for his appearance on RAW in June.

Walter, now known as Gunther, was one of those NXT talents who was seen as a potential world champion in WWE. His record in the NXT itself speaks for his capabilities as he held the title for record 870 days. In fact, the Ring General is currently also a champion and holds the United States Championship on the blue brand. But, according to reports, Vince McMahon was not happy with Gunther and was going to bury him on live tv.

The Ring General made an appearance on the 4th July episode of Monday Night RAW when he interrupted R-Truth who was performing the Independence Day skit. Gunther even won the match in a dominating fashion. But, it appears Mr. McMahon was not impressed with The Ring General’s performance. WrestleVotes has disclosed some shocking plans that the old WWE regime had for the current US Champion.

Vince McMahon wanted to punish Gunther by burying him on live tv

Recently, WrestleVotes took to Twitter where they addressed the whole thing. It was written that those in power at that time were not happy with Guther’s performance on RAW. Although no name or reason was mentioned in the post, it was pretty much clear that Vince and others were really soured on the current US champion.

In fact, WrestleVotes claimed the management was planning to destroy Gunther’s push on live tv. They wrote:

It is speculated that Vince McMahon was not happy with the kind of reaction Gunther got during his appearance on RAW. Well, it appears the Ring General could not get the crowd response that his former was expecting. 

Anyway, if Vince was still in power, it is very much possible that Gunther would have faced the consequences. But, things have changed and now the creative is under the control of Triple H. And since the regime change, Gunther is looking like a different superstar.

The Ring General’s recent classic against Shinsuke Nakamura

One who would have been destroyed by the old management without any believable reason is getting applause for his recent performance. Gunther defended his United States Championship in the main event of the 12th July episode of SmackDown Live. The Ring General defeated Shinsuke Nakamura proving why he is being rated so high. Both superstars received a lot of praise for the match calling the bout one of the best of this year.

Nevertheless, it is good to see Triple H using Gunther properly and booking him as he should be. Considering the current momentum, it should not surprise anyone if the Ring General has a lengthy run with the US Title.

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