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“And I want to thank Randy for that” – Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion expresses his gratitude to Randy Orton

Yasser Ayaz
|Thu Jul 14 2022

WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry recently shared an anecdote about when Randy Orton reached out to his son through social media.

Randy Orton is an icon and a role model for many budding pro wrestlers. The 42-year-old WWE superstar is well known for his heel persona and memorable feuds with top stars in the company. However, Orton is totally opposite to what he portrays in the ring. Recently, Mark Henry shared an anecdote regarding the 14-the world champion, Randy Orton.

Mark Henry made an appearance on the Busted Open podcast where he talked about his son Jacob Henry and claimed Randy Orton once reached out to his son. Henry’s son began following his father’s footsteps at a young age and is establishing himself as an excellent athlete.

Mark Henry claims Randy Orton encouraged Jacob as if he was his son

Just like his father, Jacob Henry also seeks his fortune in pro wrestling. In fact, the son of the world’s strongest man has won a district title in wrestling. However, the Apex Predator once contacted Jacob and gave him some valuable advice.

While speaking on the show, Mark Henry shared how the 14-time WWE champion reached out to his son to give some uncle sage advice. The former WWE star claimed Orton took to social media and encouraged Jacob as if he was his own son.

Moreover, the former ECW seized the opportunity to thank Randy Orton for showing such a sweet gesture. He said:

“Randy reached out to my son Jacob on social media. Told him how good he was doing, how proud he was to see him doing what he was doing, gave him some uncle sage advice, and talked to him like he would talk to his son. And I want to thank Randy for that.”


Anyway, the legend killer is now a legend himself who never neglects any opportunity to give back to business. The 14-time world champion had an outstanding run alongside his tag team partner, Riddle for the last year or so. But, Randy Orton is currently out of action following his back issues lately.

The Legend Killer might be out of action for the rest of this year

Randy Orton and Riddle(RKBro) were having a dream run in the company as the tag team was so loved by WWE fans. Just a few weeks back, the duo was involved in an intense feud with The Usos for the undisputed tag team titles. However, RKBro failed to unify the titles and even lost their Raw tag team titles against Usos on a recent SmackDown episode.

Anyway, Randy Orton has been missing from WWE television ever since and the reports suggest he has an injured back. Sadly, the plans of Orton vs Roman Reigns at this year’s SummerSlam had to be canceled.

As of now, the severity of the injury isn’t clear, but reports suggest Orton might miss the rest of 2022. Let’s hope the Legend Killer gets well soon and make a strong comeback.

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