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“Dean Ambrose, you want to come?” – Sasha Banks wants Jon Moxley back in WWE

Yasser Ayaz

Sasha Banks on Jon Moxley

Sasha Banks appeared on a podcast where she expressed her desire to see Jon Moxley back in the WWE company.

The Legit Boss Sasha Banks made an appearance on NBC Sports Boston’s Ten Count podcast. Talking to the host, she expressed that she would love to see Jon Moxley, Dustin Rhodes, and Ruby Soho back in WWE someday.

Dean Ambrose, now known as John Moxley in AEW, left the WWE company with a bad taste in his mouth. He was extremely dissatisfied with Vince McMahon’s control over his character. 

Sasha Banks spoke about Cody Rhodes returning to WWE and expressed her desire to see Jon Moxley back someday

During her conversation with the host of the Podcast Steve Fall, Banks talked about Cody Rhodes‘ return to WWE and how Dusty Rhodes shaped her pro-wrestling career. She further expressed her desire to see a few more AEW stars back in WWE.

Sasha Banks said:

“Well, I wasn’t backstage when he came back…for myself, it’s so cool. I am such a big fan of the Rhodes family. Dusty Rhodes has given me everything, laid the foundation for me. So to see the Rhodes back in WWE is so cool. Next, let’s bring back Goldust, let’s bring them all back. Dean Ambrose, you want to come? Let’s go, the more the merrier. Let’s do it.”

The Boss also wants a female superstar from AEW back in WWE

The Legit Boss further dropped another AEW name she wanted to see in WWE. She said she would also like to see Ruby Soho back. Ruby Riott, who is now Ruby Soho, is also a part of the AEW roster.

“I would love to see Ruby Riot back in the WWE Universe, Yes, Yes, absolutely. That’s one of them,” Sasha Banks added. 

It will be interesting to see whether any of these stars will show any kind of interest in going back to WWE. Nevertheless, it is good to see Sasha Banks at least inviting them.

Dean Ambrose bids a last goodbye to his Shield Brothers and WWE Universe.

Former WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose, now known as Jon Moxley, has always been a fan favorite in WWE. Dean Ambrose made his last appearance alongside his Shield brothers on April 8, 2019. When the Raw went off-air, Ambrose came with Roman and Seth to bid a final goodbye to the WWE universe.

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