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Fact Check: Did Disney and Netflix Win a $30 Million Lawsuit Against Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson?

Yasser Ayaz

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Disney, Netflix, and Universal had filed a lawsuit against Dwayne Johnson for copyright infringement. The case was registered in December 2021 which also saw companies like Warner Bros., Paramount, Apple, and others joining later. The lawsuit was in regard to two illegal sites that allowed users to stream their movies and shows. Recently, the case was settled with the defendant getting fined $30 million and a total end to his business.

Well, isn’t the name in question a very familiar one? Just like many others, do you wonder if the lawsuit was against Hollywood megastar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? The answer is NO.

Disney and others did win a $30 million lawsuit but it was against Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

The lawsuit Disney, Netflix, and others filed and won recently was against the namesake of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The accused had been illegally running two subscription-based services called AllAccessTV (AATV) and Quality Restreams.

Both platforms provided users with numerous TV shows and movies of different genres. For $25 per month, users got access to thousands of live channels like HBO, Cinemax, NBC, and more. Moreover, video-on-demand services for an extra monthly $15 were also provided.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Johnson was generating around $3 million annually from both platforms. Though things have now been settled for a whopping $30 million. However, in any way, the lawsuit has nothing to do with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

The Hollywood megastar also has been in the headlines recently for the wrong reasons

The lawsuit may not concern the WWE-icon-turned-Hollywood megastar but even he isn’t having a great time lately. Last year, Johnson’s dream project Black Adam could not perform well at the box office. After that, DC canceled the movie’s sequel putting an end to his involvement in the cinematic universe.

Earlier this month, reports emerged that Dwayne Johnson forced some major changes in DC’s recent release, Shazam 2. It was stated that the post-credit scenes of Black Adam and Shazam 2 were changed because of him.

As far as WWE is concerned, fans are unhappy with him there as well. Johnson was expected to appear at Royal Rumble 2023 but he didn’t show up. In fact, there are very less chances that he will be making his in-ring return anytime soon.

Nevertheless, there are still hopes that he might make a cameo appearance at WrestleMania 39. Let’s see if The People’s Champion makes his presence felt this weekend.

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