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How to Buy a Super Bowl Ad?

Anushree Gupta

Super Bowl 58's Economic Impact: Las Vegas to Rake In $700 Million, as Total Fan Spendings Set to Cross $17 Billion Mark

The Super Bowl is considered a pinnacle of extravaganzas, and this year it’s a $60 million affair. While it draws football fanatics, it also is a favorite for advertisers to get noticed on the grandest stage. As the Kansas City Chiefs and 49ers gear up for the SB LVIII, it’s the ads that steal the spotlight.

As rewarding as it is, the process of buying a Super Bowl ad is intricate in itself. Though the SB is aired in February, the spots are confirmed months in advance. An average of 70 commercials are shown at the SB broadcast, which forms a total of 46 minutes of ad time.

Coming to the process, the client and the agency need to approach the SB hosting network agency. This step can be particularly daunting for newcomers as there is a rigorous screening process, per NBC Sports. The need for credit approval and script clearance by Standard and Prices are important stages that the agency has to go through in the vetting.

Choosing the right quarter placement adds another layer of complexity. While some opt for the first quarter for heightened brand recall, others prefer the second half to become a part of a more intriguing phase. The final location within the game, package deals, and additional coverage determine the final bill.

Super Bowl Ad Prices and Trends

It has been estimated that a whopping 98.8% of viewers stay glued even during ad breaks. This inspires a $7 million price tag for a 30-second spot, which might seem jaw-dropping. But, that is just the tip of the iceberg, with an intricate procedure. In 2022, a 30-second commercial was priced at $6.5 million, a million up from the 2021 rates.

The prices and craze have seen a 59% upward trend in the last decade and the average is now close to $3.5 million. Anheuser-Busch (a brewery and beer company) leads the charge, spending $239.1 million on Super Bowl ads between 2002 and 2011. According to Statista, they spent $52 million last year alone, followed by Pepsico and T-Mobile on the spending list. But SB is considered a good place to advertise new products, as it can give it credibility, due to the far and wide reach.

The Super Bowl has helped generate $578 million in revenue in 2022 and $545 million in 2021. This estimation gives a clear picture of the Super Bowl’s fame in a $20 billion industry annually. Some other companies that have remained associated with products include Disney, Verizon, and Toyota, to name a few.

Now as the Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Francisco 49ers is set to be another special event, with some massive stars expected on the guest list, many of the top ad spots have surely been nabbed by now.

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Anushree Gupta

Anushree Gupta


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