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“I don’t think he’ll ever give that to a part-time performer” – Ric Flair on whether John Cena will be a 17-time world champion in WWE

Yasser Ayaz
|Tue Aug 16 2022

2-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair recently gave his opinion on if John Cena will break his record in WWE or not.

There has always been a debate over who will break Ric Flair’s record in WWE. Flair holds the record of 16-world title reigns in WWE. However, there is just one person close to The Nature Boy, and it’s none other than John Cena. Cena has also held the world title 16 times in his 20 years with WWE. But, since The Cenation leader bounced to Hollywood, there are suspicions.

Recently, the Dirtiest Player in the game appeared on the Insight show and opened up about his last match at Starrcast V, his retirement match in WWE, and more. The host Chris Van Vliet also asked the 16-time WWE champion the famous question.

Ric Flair believes Randy Orton will surpass his record before John Cena

While speaking on the show, the Nature Boy gave his honest thoughts on probably one of the most debatable questions in WWE. Flair feels John Cena will not be able to break his record. It’s because Mr. McMahon will never give that record to a part-time performer. In fact, Flair threw a new name and said Randy Orton has a better chance.

However, the Dirtiest Player in the game claimed his actual championship reigns are 21. But WWE does not count five out of them. He further went on to name those reigns. And even if Cena breaks the record, the Hall of Famer won’t be surprised either. He stated:

” I don’t think he’ll ever give it to a part-time performer. I think Randy Orton’s got a better chance at it… If John Cena does it. He’s been such a credit, I mean, such a credible performer. And just, one of the great guys in business…”

Well, while Cena is just a win away to break the record, Randy Orton’s world title reigns tally stands at 14. Let’s see, which superstar surpasses Flair and makes history.

The Cenation Leader defeated The Phenomenal One to equal Flair’s record

At the 2017 Royal Rumble pay-per-view, John Cena faced AJ Styles for the WWE Championship. Cena defeated The Phenomenal One and became a 16-time world champion tying Ric Flair’s long-standing record. Although the reign only lasted a few weeks, that win did put Mr. Hustle Layalty Respect in the WWE history books.

Nevertheless, John Cena is rumored to face Theory at Wrestlemania 39, who currently holds the Money in the Bank briefcase. The Cenation Leader could be facing a world champion in his next short run with WWE. Also, with Vince McMahon retired, WWE might decide to book Cena for the 17-world title win.

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