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Roman Reigns recalls going blank during a promo segment against John Cena

Yasser Ayaz

Roman Reigns and John Cena

WWE’s Undisputed Champion Roman Reigns recently talked about his infamous 2017 promo segment against John Cena. 

Roman Reigns may be the current face of WWE, but he has had his fair share of struggles in the ring. The Head of the Table was not always as good as he is on the mic now. During his 2017 rivalry against John Cena, the current Tribal Chief made a promo flub on a promo segment on RAW. 

Recently, the face of WWE appeared on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast where he opened up about various aspects of his personal and professional life. The Tribal Chief candidly spoke about his health issues, Brock Lesnar, and much more. Roman Reigns also talked about his 2017 promo botch against the Cenation Leader.

Roman Reigns recalls his infamous war of words against John Cena

In his latest interview, the Needle Mover was asked about his 2017 promo segment against the 16-time world champion. Reigns confessed he did go silent but clarified that had nothing to with John Cena. He detailed how it took him years to use the art of using microphone skills to control the crowd effectively.

Roman Reigns said that the whole thing is a trial and error learning yourself process. It’s all about knowing how to utilize your strength effectively and at the same time, learning how to camouflage your weakness. The Head of the Table explained how he tries to learn from every opponent he faces.

As far as whether Cena triggered the best out of him, Reigns stated:

“I think just being in that position, and going through that experience made me better. I don’t think it was anything like John [Cena] specifically… Because I take from everybody I’ve worked with, everyone I’ve competed with. I always try to take something that I learned from them…”

Nevertheless, all in the past as he has improved a lot since that promo flub. Be it his entrance music, onscreen character, or mic skills, Roman Reigns is killing everything.

The Tribal Chief verbally distroyed the Money in the Bank winner recently

WWE’s July 25 episode of RAW from Madison Square Garden saw Roman Reigns making an appearance with his Bloodline. Things got more interesting when the 2022 MITB winner Austin Theory interrupted him. Although Mr. McMahon’s protege had come to warn Reigns about his cash-in, he ended up being on the receiving side.

The Tribal Chief annihilated Theory’s confidence stating his daddy is gone. Reigns was sarcastically mocking the MITB winner as his guru had retired a few days back.

Anyway, The Head of the Table is back to his Island of Relevancy after defending his Undisputed Championships successfully. Reigns defeated Drew McIntyre at WWE’s recent UK Premium Live Event, Clash At The Castle. Let’s see, who’s next in line to go against The Tribal Chief?

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