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Sami Zayn considers this AEW superstar as the best of this generation

Yasser Ayaz
|Sun Aug 14 2022

While speaking on the Broken Skull Sessions, Sami Zayn names a former WWE but now-AEW superstar the best of this era.

For many fans and critics, AEW’s Kenny Omega is the best in-ring performer of this generation. Some might argue and even consider WWE’s Roman Reigns the top superstar. However, WWE superstar Sami Zayn feels a former WWE Champion, who now works for AEW, is the best of this generation.

The Great Liberator recently appeared on Steve Austin’s Broken Skulls Sessions, where he conversed on numerous topics. Sami Zayn talked about his time in NXT, praise from The Undertaker, and more. The Master Strategist also made a bold statement regarding his former WWE associate, Daniel Bryan.

Sami Zayn calls AEW’s Bryan Danielson the best of this generation

While speaking on the show, WWE’s Conspiracy Theorist opened up about the significant points of his WWE career. Sami Zayn expressed his thoughts on his NXT title win, his debut against John Cena, and his real-life friend, Kevin Owens.

However, when the former WWE star Daniel Bryan’s name came up, The Master Strategist did not hesitate to call the former 5-time champion “the greatest talent of our generation.”

Well, this won’t be the first time Zayn has applauded Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson. The Master Strategist made a similar observation a couple of years back. Zayn then took to Twitter and praised Daniel Bryan after their match on an episode of SmackDown. Even then, Zayn named Bryan the best in-ring performer of his generation.

The exemplary WWE career of the proclaimed best superstar of this generation

Bryan Danielson, popularly known as Daniel Bryan, was considered one of the best superstars by many wrestling pandits. The former star was a part of one of the best WWE storylines that concluded in a triple-threat match at Wrestlemania 30. In fact, Bryan defeated Triple H, Batista, and Randy Orton on the same night to become the World Heavyweight Champion.

In his 12 years in WWE, Daniel Bryan held the US and IC titles once and had five world title reigns. But unfortunately, he had to retire in 2016 due to his neck issues. However, the man behind the ‘YES Moment’ made a comeback in 2018 and even won the WWE Championship once. 

But, after having a significant run with WWE, Daniel Bryan signed with AEW in 2021. The WWE former star now goes by the name Bryan Danielson and is a member of William Regal-led stable Blackpool Combat Club in AEW.

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