“That’s an honor and a privilege” – Goldberg comments on his comparison with AEW Star

Yasser Ayaz
|Published 14/08/2022

WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg recently opened up about his comparison with AEW star Wardlow and expressed his gratitude.

Goldberg is a pro wrestling icon with multiple championship reigns and more than two decades of in-ring experience. But, the veteran is also well known for his yolked-up muscular body and iconic in-ring entrance. Only a few current superstars will match or even come close to comparisons with WWE Legend. However, according to fans, AEW TNT champion, Wardlow is the one who matches the size and intensity of Goldberg.

The 6’3, 266-pound AEW superstar is often analogized to former WWE star Batista for his size and the way he cruised into the pro wrestling world. Moreover, some fans see Wardlow in the same league they see WWE legend, Goldberg. Recently, The Icon himself was asked about the comparisons.

In his recent interview with Bleacher Report’s Graham Matthews, Goldberg discussed his episode of A&E’s “Biography: WWE Legends”. The Hall of Famer also shared how he feels about the comparisons with the AEW TNT Champion.

Goldberg praises Wardlow and states he is honored on being compared with young stars

While speaking on the show, the WWE Hall of Famer admitted that he is aware of the comparisons and has seen the AEW star. Although Goldberg has seen Wardlow only through pictures, he seemed impressed with the rising talent. 

Goldberg praised Wardlowand noted there should more superstars like Wardlow who could bring intensity to the ring. Moreover, The Icon expressed his gratitude for being compared to young stars who are at the top of their game. He said:

“I’ve seen pictures of him… Hey, man, more power to him. There need to be more characters like that. There needs to be serious intensity out there… At the end of the day, anybody that’s close to the top in their prospective business to be compared with myself. That’s an honor and a privilege.”

The 55-year-old legend is still one of the biggest attractions whenever he steps foot in the WWE ring. Even after being a Hall of Famer, Goldberg has been wrestling matches on a part-time basis. His last match in WWE was against Roman Reigns at the Elimination Chamber PPV earlier this year. The Hall of Famer failed to defeat The Tribal Chief for the Universal Title.

Goldberg on if he would like to have a rematch against Roman Reigns

Although the Hall of Famer has wrestled all the matches of his current contract with WWE, he is still open to more, if needed. Goldberg mentioned RAW superstar Riddle and expressed his desire to face him. He even jagged about his history outside the ring with The Original Bro.

Moreover, when asked if he would love to face Roman Reigns again, Goldberg seemed ok with the idea. However, saying that ‘Beggars can’t be Choosers…”, the 2-time universal champion did not confirm anything and left the rest to WWE.

Anyway, with the kind of buzz he creates and the upcoming UK and Saudi events, WWE might book The Icon for one more match. Not to forget, Goldberg may have completed his quota of matches, but he is still signed with WWE.

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