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“The Amber Heard bots are going crazy”- WWE Superstar Paige claims Amber bots are targetting her on Twitter

Yasser Ayaz
|Tue May 31 2022

Retired WWE Star Paige mentions Amber Heard in her recent tweet where she jokes about something related to Amber’s ongoing trial with Depp.

WWE’s first NXT Women’s Champion has a reputation for being honest and straightforward while voicing her thoughts. Paige recently mentioned Amber Heard in her tweet. She made a joke about the ongoing Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial.

Saraya Bevis, also known as Paige, took to Twitter where she tweeted:

“Rumor has it. If you say Amber Heard’s name 3 times in a mirror she will appear and Sh*t in your bed.”

Obviously, it was just a joke. Paige surely is on Johnny Depp’s side as she also used “#TeamJohnny” in her tweet. But the WWE star deletes the Tweet after a short period.

Paige accuses Amber Heard’s Bots of attacking her on the Poop Joke she tweeted

One Twitter user replied to Paige’s tweet expressing his disagreement with the WWE star. Paige replied to the comment by saying people can have different opinions. The former NXT woman’s champion also explained why she is on Depp’s side. Paige feels the Pirates of the Caribbean star is fighting for everyone who is wrongly accused.

But, Paige removed her tweet and then made another tweet to clarify why she removed the first one. She tweeted that Amber Heard’s bots were attacking her for that joke she made. Paige also said she will be taking screenshots of those comments and reposting them later. She said, “Okay, I gotta delete it. The Amber bots are going crazy…”

The ongoing Amber Heard-Johnny Depp trial is being considered the celebrity trial of the century. The trial is nearing its climax as both parties involved have given their closing statements.

Former 2-Time Divas Champion Piage slams a Twitter user for trolling her

After Paige removed the poop joke tweet, a Twitter user(Steve “no bitches” Harrington) commented on Paige’s second tweet. He trolled the WWE superstar by questioning her if she deleted the tweet because of people calling her ‘Neckless’.

The comment seemed to have triggered Paige as she fired back at that Twitter user. Paige responded by first roasting him and then, clarifying that trolls were not the reason. She also revealed that people have been bullying her for no reason for years. Paige commented:

“The funny thing is, is you lot act holier than thou when someone makes a joke but you’ve all been harassing and making ableist jokes about me for years for no reason haha. So no being called all these names. Does not bother me.”

Paige retired from pro wrestling in 2017 following a neck injury she suffered during a live event. The inaugural NXT woman’s champion hasn’t wrestled in the WWE ring since then. 

Now that she has recovered and was cleared by Doctors recently, fans might see the former 2-time champion back in the ring.


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