“They actually asked me if I wanted to go on last” – WWE Legend Rick Flair recalls turning down the opportunity to Headline WrestleMania

Yasser Ayaz
|Published June 04, 2022

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair could have had headlined Wrestlemania 24 but he denied the offer of replacing the main-event match.

Since his debut in 1972 in the American Wrestling Association (AWA), The Nature Boy Ric Flair has delivered multiple classic matches against legends like  Andre The Giant, Dusty Rhodes, and Larry Hennig.

Ric Plair’s last match could have been the main event of Wrestlemania 24, but The Dirtiest Player in the Game refused to go ahead of the Edge vs The Undertaker match.

Ric Flair rejected the idea of stealing the spot of Wrestlemania 24 Main Event

16-Time World Champion, Ric Flair spoke on the To Be The Man podcast and stated that his retirement against Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 24 was second last on the match-card. The last match on the card was Edge(C) defending his World Heavyweight Championship against The Undertaker.

While recalling the 2008 incident, The Nature Boy recalled that WWE Management offered him the opportunity to headline Wrestlemania 24. The Hall of Famer admitted to loving the attention he was getting but did not want his last match to outweigh the main event of the show. 

Flair said:

“They actually asked me if I wanted to go on last in Orlando and I said, ‘God, absolutely not,’” Flair said. “I loved the attention I was getting but I wasn’t gonna ask the World Champion, whoever it was at that time, to go over and say, ‘Hey, thank you for this [main-event spot].” 

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The Dirtiest Player in the Game also pinned opinion on his retirement match

The 2012 Hall of Famer Ric Flair wrestled his last match in the WWE ring in 2008 against Shawn Michaels. The 20-minute contest between the icons was more like a moment. WWE even paid tribute to The Nature Boy’s WWE career throughout WrestleMania 24 weekend.

While talking on the show, the 73-year-old expressed his opinions on his last in-ring match and seemed happy to wrestle his retirement match against Shawn Michaels. The legend stated that he made the right call.

“I’d rather know that it’s one of the greatest moments, I think, in the history of the business, because it was very real… number one. Number two, I was working with the best worker in the history of the business. And number three, it was my life.” Ric Flair stated.

The Nature Boy’s last pro-wrestling match is surely one of the best Wrestlemania matches in WWE history. The ending moment of the match itself was so emotional that it could have been booked as the headliner of the mega-event.

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