Triple H Once Claimed He Did Not Cheat on Then Girlfriend Chyna With Stephanie McMahon

Rishabh Singh
|Published 19/03/2023

The real-life love triangle involving Chyna, Triple H, and Stephanie McMahon is one of wrestling’s most infamous stories ever. In 1999, Triple H was featured in an on-screen romance with the Boss’s daughter, Stephanie. While working closely, The Game and The Billion Dollar princess developed feelings for each other for real. However, the problem was that Triple H was already in a five-year-long relationship with Chyna. 

The Ninth Wonder of The World caught wind about their covert relationship after she discovered love letters from Stephanie McMahon addressed to The Game.

At the time, HHH and Chyna were also living together. Naturally, Chyna accused Triple H of cheating on her with the Boss’s daughter. But Triple H’s perspective was different from Chyna’s. In 2002, the former World Champion gave his take on the situation. 

Triple H says he did not cheat on Chyna with Stephanie McMahon

While speaking on The Howard Stern Show, the Cerebral Assassin explained his viewpoint. According to him, Chyna’s accusations did not hold water as the couple’s relationship was on and off. Triple H stated that their relationship at the time wasn’t “full-blown”.

Hence, Triple H claimed that his way of looking at things was different from his ex-girlfriend’s. 

“There’s a period of time where we were separated and things happened in between and then you kind of partway get back together and it really wasn’t a full-blown relationship at that time. [Technically you weren’t cheating?] yeah, I don’t see things the same way she does.”

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon eventually tied the knot in 2003. The power couple is still going strong. Trips and Steph have three daughters from their marriage. But Chyna had a sad ending.

She was unceremoniously released from the company in 2001. The former Women’s Champion battled depression till her final days. In 2016, Chyna was found dead in her room. The autopsy tests revealed that the former star died in her sleep due to a drug overdose. 

Triple H believes Chyna will have a solo induction into the Hall of Fame someday

In an interview with CBS Sports State of Combat in 2019, Triple H weighed in on Chyna’s potential solo induction into the Hall of Fame in the future. Triple H lauded Chyna for the groundbreaking impact she made in the industry. At the time, Chyna was slated to be posthumously inducted into the Hall of Fame at WrestleMania 35 as a member of DX.

Triple H stated that it was fitting for her to be in there with DX, as that’s how her career began. He also added that she will be inducted into the HOF individually in the future. 

“I’m sure she will be in the Hall of Fame sometime on her own. I think it’s fitting she is in there with DX in the beginning because it’s how she started, and I think it’s what it should be.”

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