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Triple H Reportedly Doesn’t See Sami Zayn as a WrestleMania Main Eventer

Yasser Ayaz

Sami Zayn at Elimination Chamber

This year’s men’s Royal Rumble saw Cody Rhodes, ensuring that he will be the one to headline WrestleMania 39. However, if you exclude him, there’s just one guy who deserves to be in the main event spot. And it’s none other than “The Honorary Uce” Sami Zayn. Right Now, his popularity among the fans appears similar to Daniel Bryan in 2014. However, a report has revealed Triple H doesn’t see a WrestleMania main eventer in Sami Zayn.

For the two years or so, “The Great Liberator” has been exceptional both on the mic and in the ring. As a matter of fact, Sami’s work as The Honorary Uce in The Bloodline is nothing less than a classic. It has made many fans believe he should be the one to dethrone Roman Reigns. Unfortunately, the WWE management doesn’t see the same potential in him.

Neither Triple H nor Vince McMahon sees a WrestleMania headliner in Sami Zayn

Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer recently claimed WWE is going with Cody Rhodes versus Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39. No matter how over Sami Zayn is among the fans, that won’t change WWE’s long-term plans. He also gave some explanation as to why he thinks so. 

In the recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer stated that Triple H does not see Sami Zayn as a guy who can headline Wrestlemania. And not just him, Mr. McMahon also feels the same way. He believes that’s the reason Sami is wrestling Roman at the upcoming Elimination Chamber PPV.

According to him, WWE doesn’t want things to go just like Kofimania in 2019. That year, fan attention led to Kofi Kingston getting the spot planned for Kevin Ownes.

“Neither Vince McMahon nor Paul Levesque [Triple H] saw [Sami] Zayn as a guy who could headline WrestleMania and that the scenario of Zayn challenging in Montreal [Elimination Chamber] and moving it to WrestleMania because he got hot, which WWE did previously for Kofi Kingston when he got hot and got the spot planned for [Kevin] Owens in 2019 was not going to happen,” Meltzer stated.

The Honorary Uce is going to face his Tribal Chief at the upcoming Elimination Chamber PPV

In the final moments of Royal Rumble 2023, fans finally saw Sami Zayn parting ways with The Bloodline. However, the betrayal resulted in The Honorary getting a brutal beatdown at the hands of his Roman Reigns.

On this week’s SmackDown live, Sami Zayn attacked Reigns during the main event. The Honorary Uce also challenged The Tribal Chief for the undisputed title.

Nevertheless, Roman Reigns accepted the challenge, but on one condition. The match will happen at Elimination Chamber PPV, which is happening in Sami’s hometown. The Tribal Chief promised to destroy The Honorary Uce who he blames for the collapse of his Bloodline.

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