Cover Image for UFC Star Terrance McKinney Shoots on the Rock for Ignoring His Plea for Help – “At Least He’s Able to Tweet About Penguins”

UFC Star Terrance McKinney Shoots on the Rock for Ignoring His Plea for Help – “At Least He’s Able to Tweet About Penguins”

Yasser Ayaz
|Fri Sep 23 2022

UFC’s Terrance McKinney recently called out Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson again and blamed him for ignoring his request.

Earlier this year, The Rock made a deal with UFC and made his shoe brand the official footwear for the fighters of the Octagon. The deal stated that the fighters alongside their team members will wear Project Rock shoes during events. But, many fighters were not happy as they were getting no financial benefits from the deal. Besides, there were also disagreements about the quality of The Rock’s footwear(Project Rock).

Last week, Terrance McKinney took to Twitter and requested the WWE Legend to support them. He asked The Rock to show them some love and make some changes in the deal.

However, it appears that the whole thing has caught more fire as the UFC star called out the WWE icon again. McKinney condemned The Rock for overlooking his appeal.

Terrance McKinney expresses his disappointment with The Rock

The tweet McKinney made last week got a lot of attention from fans and mainstream media as well. It went viral immediately with Sports Illustrated dedicating an article on the issue and even mentioning McKinney’s tweet. But, there was no official reply from The Rock.

Now, disappointed with how his plea was taken, T-Wrecks took to social media again and took shots at the WWE legend. McKinney stated that his tweet was noticed by everyone, but The Rock. He further added that the icon can write about penguins and 80s wrestlers, but has no time to reply to his plea. He tweeted:

Well, now that the UFC star has called out The Rock two times directly, let’s see if he gets a response this time. Not to discount the kind of attention the whole matter is getting from fans and media.

T-Wrecks registered his 13th UFC win in the very first round

Terrance McKinney is an established Lightweight division fighter in UFC with a 100% finish rate. His 13 wins in the Octagon include 5 by knockouts and 8 with the help of submission. Though the 27-year-old has also faced four losses so far. 

However, his recent win against Erick Gonzalez at UFC Fight Night last month was in the very first round. T-Wrecks’ was aggressive in his approach from the very beginning which helped him make his opponent submit very easily.

Nevertheless, with other fighters like Nate Diaz standing alongside McKinney, the controversy seems far from over. As long as UFC and Rock are concerned, both parties haven’t reacted yet. As of now, fighters will be wearing The Rock’s sneakers without any monetary benefits.

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