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“Vince didn’t want any part of me in 2015”- WWE Hall of Famer reveals when Vince McMahon refused to sign his return in WWE

Rishabh Singh
|Wed Aug 17 2022

WWE Hall of Famer looks back on his struggle with his personal demons and when he was denied the chance to make a return to WWE by Vince McMahon. 

Kurt Angle who is a firm believer of the three Is’ Intensity, Integrity, and Intelligence once fell into the vices of addiction that had his life spiral down. The Olympic Gold Medalist had an iconic run in the WWE after his debut in 1999. From winning the WWE Championships multiple times to entertaining the fans with his funny moments backstage, Kurt’s legacy was cemented as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. 


Kurt Angle is also the only wrestler on the roster who is a legitimate olympian wrestler. With so many accolades under his belt, the Olympic Hero exuded a life of discipline and hard work. Angle departed from the WWE in 2006 due to certain health issues and joined TNA in 2007. Even on the other side, Angle had an impressive run and multiple title reigns. 


In 2015, Kurt Angle wished to return to his home company, WWE. However, Vince McMahon did not allow Angle to be brought back because of his troubled days with alcohol and drugs. At the time, Angle was wrestling with his addiction. His addiction and DUIs were a stain on his legacy and Vince didn’t want to risk it. 

The wrestling machine recalled approaching Terry Taylor with regards to a possible return to wrestling in WWE. Angle’s request was conveyed to Vince and Triple H but the boss refused to sign him. 


Remembering the incident on his podcast “The Kurt Angle Show“, he stated:


“There was one point where I wanted to come back in 2015, and I reached out to Triple H, and actually, I’m sorry, I reached out to Terry Taylor. Terry Taylor reached out to Triple H and Vince,” said Kurt Angle. “And two words Vince said, ‘Bad reputation.’ Vince didn’t want any part of me in 2015. That’s when I had the DUIs, you know, my whole life was spiraling down. He had no interest in bringing me back.”


Angle has also admitted to having left WWE in 2006 due to differences with Vince McMahon. The two eventually met in 2017 and mended the fences. 


A revived Kurt Angle made his return in 2017


After being brushed off by Vince, Angle put his act together and pieced his life together. The Hall of Famer admittedly had a hard-fought battle with addiction for years. The rejection from WWE gave Angle the fuel he needed to stay clean and spend time in rehab. 


“I knew right then that I had to build up my reputation. So I spent the last two years, those two years, proving to everybody that I could stay clean and that I was a good role model. And I had to do that to come back.”


The Olympic Hero then reinvented himself and made it back to the WWE after dispelling everybody’s doubts. Angle was later inducted into the Hall of Fame class of 2017. Angle’s discipline to not succumb to his addictions makes him an even tougher man than he is in the ring. 


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