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“He Actually Responded to Me” – Four Time WWE Champion Reveals He Was in Talks with Kevin Feige to Star in an MCU Movie

Yasser Ayaz

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Over the years, fans have seen many WWE superstars starring in big Hollywood projects. And if you talk about DCEU, names like The Rock and John Cena have been a part of a few big movies. However, other than Batista, no other WWE star has landed a role in a Marvel project. Becky Lynch did shoot a post-credit scene of “Eternals”, but the part got axed for its depressing nature. Well, WWE legend Kurt Angle recently claimed he also once reached out to MCU to star in a movie.

“The Olympic Gold Medalist” was a treat to watch when it comes to the squared circle. Many even consider Angle’s work across WWE and TNA one of the best in pro wrestling history. As to Hollywood, the Hall of Famer has shown his acting skills in movies like End Game (2009) and Warrior (2011).

Kurt Angle claims he once reached out to Kevin Feige to star in an MCU movie

The “Wrestling Machine” and his love for the Marvel Cinematic Universe is not a new thing. A couple of years ago, Kurt Angle and his wife decided to watch all the MCU movies. The experience led to him approaching the production house for a potential role.

On the latest episode of his “The Kurt Angle Show“, the Hall of Famer revealed what happened next. Kurt Angle stated he got the contact info of the MCU Executive Producer, Kevin Feige. The “Wrestling Machine” reached out, but sadly, nothing concrete came out.

“I ended up getting his [Kevin Feige’s] contact information, and I reached out to him and told him, ‘I’d be interested in doing a Marvel movie’. And he actually responded to me, but nothing ever came of it.”

It’s clear that Kurt Angle is more than willing to be a part of an MCU project. Maybe not now, but in the future, there is a chance that fans might watch “The Olympic Gold Medalist” in a Marvel movie.

The Hall of Famer has been thinking about having a neck treatment next year

Kurt Angle suffered numerous injuries throughout his 20-year-long pro wrestling career. In fact, he broke his neck even before the 1996 Summer Olympics, where he won a Gold Medal. One who has seen the “Wrestling Machine” in the ring knows about his long-standing relationship with injuries.

Last year, Angle had a double knee replacement and recently, he also got his back fixed. Now, the Hall of Famer is all set for his next treatment. Speaking in one of the past episodes of his show, Kurt Angle stated he will go through a neck fusion soon. Most probably, the surgery will take place next year.

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