“Vince McMahon was tired of me” – Kurt Angle recalls why Vince McMahon once put him in a wheelchair

Yasser Ayaz
|Published June 13, 2022

Former 6-Time WWE champion Kurt Angle recently recalled how Vince McMahon once put him in a wheelchair due to his injury issues.

During WWE’s Attitude Era, Kurt Angle was one of the most prominent superstars in Vince McMahon’s company. The Olympic Gold Medalist was a launching pad for megastars like John Cena who made his in-ring debut against Angle. The 6-time WWE champion even served as the on-screen General Manager of SmackDown following his neck injury.

Kurt Angle performed in the WWE ring under many gimmicks. Be it the ‘American hero’ or the ‘Wrestling Machine’ gimmick, the Olympic Medalist delivered many memorable matches. 

Recently, on his podcast, Kurt Angle shared the story behind him becoming the general manager of Smackdown in  2003.

Kurt Angle states Vince McMahon was tired of him injuring his back again and again

The Olympic Gold Medalist had an injured neck even before signing with WWE. Angle sustained the injury while preparing for the Olympics. His neck problems followed him as he came into WWE. The ‘American Hero’ broke his neck four times during his run with the company.

While speaking on his ‘The Kurt Angle Show‘, the WWE Hall of Famer recalled his 2003 neck injury. Angle stated that his former boss Vince McMahon was tired of him getting his neck injured again. But, at the same time, the Chairman of the Board wanted to keep Angle’s neck injury a secret from the fans.

So, in order to give Angle time to recover, Vince gave him a kayfabe injury. It was shown as a knee injury onscreen, and Kurt Angle was put in a wheelchair. He was then appointed as the General Manager of SmackDown. While recalling the incident, Angle said:

“To be honest with you, what happened was I broke my neck again. Vince McMahon was tired of me breaking my neck and he didn’t want the fans to know about it, so he pretended I injured my knee and I was in a wheelchair.”

Angle also said that he was angry and frustrated with himself and used that anger in his in-ring promos. Kurt Angle stated that the ’emotion’ behind his in-ring anger was real.

The Olympic Gold Medalist recently underwent a Knee Surgery

Kurt Angle has struggled with neck issues almost throughout his life. But recently, the Olympic Gold Medalist has been dealing with knee troubles. The 53-year-old underwent double knee surgery on May 24, this year. 

Following his successful surgery, Angle shared a video message on social media thanking the fans for all the support. The 6-Time WWE Champion expressed his pain and stated that he was ready for the recovery process. Kurt Angle seemed very confident about his rehab and thanked everyone for their wishes.

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