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WWE RAW May 6 2019: Results, Recap and Analysis | WWE NEWS

Archie Blade

WWE RAW May 6 2019: Results, Recap and Analysis | WWE NEWS

WWE RAW: May 6 2019: We here at SportsRush bring you the Results, Recaps and Analysis of tonight’s Raw. Here’s a look at all the matches and storylines that featured tonight. 

SmackDown Presents Raw?

WWE RAW May 6 2019 was kicked off by Roman Reigns who came down to the ring and berated Vince McMahon. He said he was his own man and only listened to the fans and if they desired he would come every Monday on Raw(Yep working overtime would sure stick it to Vince). The Big Dog was interrupted by Daniel Bryan who made his first WWE appearance since Wrestlemania. He spoke about how he was looking for answers in solitude ever since. However he was interrupted by yet another Smackdown Superstar. This time it was WWE Champion Kofi Kingston. Kofi and Bryan would go on to have a verbal spat. Because the number of people in the ring wasn’t already a lot, Drew McIntyre showed up.

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Vince introduced the WWE Wildcard rule where 3 stars from each brand could turn up at the other and scheduled two Wrestlemania rematches in Drew Vs Roman and Kofi Vs Bryan for the night while screaming ”I’m brilliant, I’m a genius!”

This was a very convoluted segment yet it was exciting. While I am not really feeling the Wildcard rule, It will be wise to give it time and see what WWE does with it. Vince was the star here and on a whole this segment was a hit.

Holla Holla We got another Tag Team match playa!

The next segment of the night was a confrontation between WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins and AJ Styles. Seth Rollins claimed that he was done with The Phenomenal one. He also mentioned how SmackDown was fine before AJ came and how it was fine after he left(Guess he didn’t hear about SmackDown’s historically low ratings last week). He screamed that Raw was his show and things were different here. Vince hilariously replied that it was actually his show before forcing them to tag against the team of Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin.

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The Match was decent, more storyline driven then a clinic but it got the job done. AJ accidentally hit Seth with a Phenomenal Forearm and then left the Kingslayer reeling as he walked away backstage. Corbin pinned the Champion and that was it.

No complains here, everyone thought that AJ would turn today but the seeds have been planted and a heel AJ looks like a foregone conclusion, unless Vince pulls another swerve.

Sami Zayn trashed, Literally…

Sami Zayn came out once again to continue his feud with the fans. Brilliant as he is on the mic, repetition is boring. And at this point it just seems like he is repeating himself.

That was until Strowman came down the ring and chased Sami and threw him in the dumpster. Even more boring!

This was probably done just to get Braun on the show. This entire segment was a miss and could have easily been done without,

Lucha House Party Vs Jobbers

All 3 members of the Lucha House Party are extremely talented. They have some of the most attractive looking move-sets in the business but let’s be real this match was just there to fill the time while Braun chased Sami.

This was a huge miss! Like the previous segment, the show could also have done without this.

50-50 booking because that’s best for business!

Next we had Ricochet vs Robert Roode. Apparently Ricochet’s place at the Money in the Bank was at stake. If only the WWE would have build up on that from the week before. It would have made for an interesting angle and would have added stakes to this match.

Anyway both wrestlers are fantastic performers. They put a good show once again. Ricochet hit the 630 and secured his place in the Money in the Bank ladder match.

Lacey Evans sounds a warning to the MITB participants by beating a jobber, eh?

Lacey Evans invited the participants of the Women’s Money in the Bank to see her beat a local competitor in a matter of seconds, She then ran a promo on the women and warned them of the consequences if any one of them tried to cash in the Money in the Bank contract on her.

Becky soon entered the ring and beat up the Sassy Southern belle. Lacey Evans retreated and made her way to the back and the segment ended.

Pretty Meh in my opinion but at least it wasn’t another tag team match playa.

Joe Vs Mysterio at Money in the Bank

Samoa Joe followed Dominic (Rey’s son) ominously. It looked like he was gonna put him to sleep with his submission finisher. Turns out he just wanted him to take a message back to his father. A title defense at Money in the Bank.

Who are the Raw Tag Team Champions by the way?

The match was not all that bad. The crowd however was not feeling it at all. Luckily for everyone involved it was a very short match. Anyway, the Viking Raiders beat your Tag Team Champions in an inconsequential match. Ryder and Hawkins continue to remain afterthoughts.

Rest in Pieces

Definitely the highlight of the night. Tonight’s Firefly Fun House featured the murder of The Rambling Rabbit at the hands(or beak?) of Mercy the Buzzard.

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The Buzzard claimed that he hated the Rabbit’s bohemian views. Bray seemed to understand Mercy’s need to express himself and forgave the Buzzard. The ending however is the most telling of the video. Little children with no expressions, sitting there like zombies with no expression as party music played in the background. Can’t wait to see what happens next week.

 Roman Vs McIntyre, no wait it’s Elias, no Shane! Nope it’s Miz Vs Shane???

I am all for interweaving atorylines but this, this is unnecessarily convoluted.

Roman and McIntyre had their Wrestlemania Rematch. It was actually a good match and by the middle I was genuinely interested. Then Shane and Elias interrupted because they couldn’t wait till Tuesday to give us this exciting feud.  For the record Roman beat drew by disqualification.

The Miz then  ran in and chased McMahon out of the building. They continued to brawl there. Shane kicked Miz in the balls and hightailed outta there,

Vince humiliates Revival once again.

This segment is a blot to the entirety of wrestling. Just goes to show how petty Vince can be. Apparently the Uso’s have a new product called ‘The Ucey Hot’ which The Revival applied in their nether regions. The consequence of which was them writhing in pain. Not one person was laughing in the stadium. I can’t even fathom how The Uso’s agreed to be a part of this. I felt disgusted by Vince the whole Segment.

Lars Vs a ring full of Jobbers

So we’ve had a couple of matches with enhancement talents tonight. Are you done with your quota of the day? No? Don’t worry, WWE presents to you a whole Congo line of Jobbers for Lars Sullivan to feast on.

Pointless? Yes!

This does nothing for the Lars, we already know what he can do. Put him in a storyline. You’ve got him on both shows, at least give him a proper feud in one.

  SmackDown Main Events Raw.

For the record, WWE RAW May 6 2019 was main-evented by 2 smackdown stars. With that out of the way, let’s discuss the match now.

In terms of wrestling, this was the best match of the night. Kofi flew from one side of the ring to the other while Bryan tried to lay him on the ground and end it with lebell lock.

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The match ended with Kofi landing a Trouble in Paradise on the former champion. Kofi retains his title. A good decision but what does this mean for Bryan now?

Guess we’ll find our answers tomorrow.


WWE RAW May 6 2019 was a lot better than last weeks episode. However this episode reeked of desperation. To have superstars running between brands disregards the brand split and the recent superstar shake up. Having SmackDown Stars Main event Raw is even more pitiful. Build your storylines and invest time in your superstars and you wouldn’t have to come up with stuff like ‘WildCard’ to keep your product afloat.

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