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WWE Super ShowDown 2019: Matches and Predictions

Archie Blade

WWE Super ShowDown 2019: Matches and Predictions

WWE Super ShowDown 2019: Matches and Predictions. The SportsRush presents to you the matches, storylines and predictions for the upcoming WWE Super ShowDown Pay Per View. 

The WWE Pay have embarked on a journey to Saudi Arabia. After ‘The Greatest Royal Rumble’ and ‘Crown Jewel’, ‘Super Showdown’ will be their 3rd event in the Desert Kingdom. The show will feature matches that have resulted from storylines they produce on their weekly television and network shows:  Raw, SmackDown and 205 live.

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At Present WWE have announced 10 matches for the event. Here are the matches and our predictions:

Triple H vs Randy Orton

Triple H is yet to wrestle since his victory over Batista at Wrestlemania. His first match since will be against another of his evolution stablemate, Randy Orton. This match has been built around the history they share. They’ve only had one interaction since the announcement. However, that one interaction was enough to generate interest in the match.

Prediction- Randy Orton wins.

Triple H is on the verge of a hat trick of wins at Saudi Arabia. He beat Cena last year and followed it up with a tag team victory over The Undertaker and Kane with the help of Shawn Michaels. However, those victory came over stars that weren’t going to return to the company for a long time. Randy may work a lighter schedule compared to the other wrestlers but he still shows up every week. Randy needs the W more, Plain and Simple.

50 men Battle Royal

This will mark the largest Standard Battle Royal in the WWE. While a few names are confirmed for the match, the rest are still unconfirmed. The WWE are reportedly planning to use a few NXT and 205 Live stars.

Prediction- The Miz will Win.

The Battle Royal, like the Saudi Royal Rumble has no consequence or bearing on the regular programming. Therefore, the WWE will most likely go with a Baby Face to create a feel-good moment.  Not the easiest thing to pick a winner when you don’t have the entire list of participants but as of now, the biggest name confirmed for the match is The Miz, who just also happens to be a Face. Keep an eye out for Ricochet though.

Goldberg Vs The Undertaker

The WWE announced the return of Goldberg last month on There were many speculations on who The Icon would face. Some picked Randy because of the shot he took at Goldberg on Twitter. While others placed their money on a wrestlemania rematch between Goldberg and Brock Lesnar. The WWE instead went with The Undertaker. A lot of people were sceptical at first considering they both are above 50. However, their promos on the last episode of Raw and SmackDown have made believers out of many many fans!

Prediction- Undertaker Wins

The Undertaker is a WWE legend who made his name in Vince’s Circus. Goldberg is a WCW product and his biggest claim to fame is his undefeated streak in a company that once threatened to put Vince out of business. I think we all know who will come out victorious here and who will end up staring at the lights

Braun Strowman Vs Bobby Lashley

You can hardly call this a feud when the first seed of discord between the two was planted after the match was announced. Their big Go-Home angle was an arm-wrestling match. Hopefully the match will be better than the build.

Prediction- Braun Strowman wins

Braun has seen his stock drop rapidly in the last couple of months. A win here could really help things turn around. The same could be said for Lashley who was not even part of the Money in the Bank discussions, let alone the match. However, Strowman still gets a reaction from the crowd unlike Lashley who the fans have unfortunately given up on.

Finn Balor © Vs Andrade (Intercontinental Championship)

The two wrestlers have taken on each other a couple of times in singles action since wrestlemania. They both share a win apiece. However, Andrade has a bit of an upper hand as he pinned the intercontinental champion in a fatal four-way match before Money in the Bank. He also brutalized fin in the MITB ladder match and laid him to waste last smackdown.

Prediction- Finn Balor retains

The demon will turn up at Saudi Arabia. Vince may not think much of Finn but the Demon is precious to him. There is no way he is letting Andrade beat the Demon, especially not in Saudi. Hopefully the challenger isn’t squashed and made to look like a credible opponent.

Roman Reigns Vs Shane McMahon

The two have been at each other’s throats since The Big Dog moved to the Blue Brand. Shane has however gotten the better of Roman on more occasion as he continues to bring more wrestlers/allies into the fold.

Prediction- Roman Wins

Not even the naïve would bet against Roman. There is no way he is taking a loss at Saudi Arabia to Shane McMahon; and rightfully so, Shane McMahon is an incredible entertainer but he should not eat into other more deserving wrestlers screen time. Hopefully this will be the end of the feud. However, with Roman set to face Drew McIntyre at WWE Stomping Grounds, it is likely that the two will continue their rivalry in some capacity.

Kofi Kingston © Vs Dolph Ziggler (WWE Championship Match)

Ziggler made a surprise appearance at SmackDown to demolish Kofi and challenge him for his championship. Ziggler praised Kofi and lamented that he should have been in Kofi’s place. He followed that attack with more assaults and ambushes in the coming weeks. Kofi confronted The Show Off and told him that unlike him, he never gave up.

Prediction- Kofi Retains

Kofi might just come good on his promise. It is very likely that no titles will change hands at the event and certainly not the WWE Championship. It doesn’t help that Dolph is likely a replacement for Kevin Owens, who refused to travel to the Desert Kingdom.

Seth Rollins © Vs Baron Corbin (Universal Championship)

Baron Corbin won a fatal four-way match against The Miz, Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley to become the no.1 contender to the Universal title.

Prediction- Brock Lesnar wins

Seth is not going to roll over for Corbin and under different circumstances he would walk out the Universal Champion. However, on the last episode of Raw, Brock mauled the champion and announced that he would cash in this Friday. There is a chance that someone may prevent the cash in but there is no doubt that the WWE gave Brock the contract to make him the champion. With WWE advertising ‘Super ShowDown’ as a show equivalent to Wrestlemania, this would be the grandest stage for the Beast to seal the transfer of the title.

Lars Sullivan Vs Lucha House Party

Lars has left a trail of destruction since his debut. Many have fallen to the side but the Lucha House Party trio decided to stage a fightback and will get the chance to stop the Freak once and for all.

Predictions – Lars Sullivan wins

Lars has been earmarked for a push and there is no way the three Luchadors walk out of Jeddah with a victory to their names. On a side note: Matt Hardy should have been Lars first opponent since in storyline, The Freak was responsible for Jeff Hardy’s injury.

The Uso’s Vs The Revival

The two teams can easily stake claim to the title of the best Tag-Team in the world. However, they have indulged in childish skits instead. The two faced each other on Raw to chants of “This is Awesome”. The Revivals came out on top.  A rematch between the two teams was announced on and is set to take place at the Kick-Off show.

Prediction– The Uso’s win

It’s the Kick off show. The WWE will want to start with the face coming out victorious. Expect nothing less than amazing from them.

Alexa Bliss Vs Natalya

An official match between the two hasn’t been announced yet. However, there are reports that both these women have travelled to Saudi Arabia and the WWE are looking for permission from the officials to have their first ever women’s match in the country.

Prediction – Alexa Bliss wins

Alexa Bliss is set to face Bayley at WWE Stomping Grounds. If a match between them does happen, a loss here could halt her momentum.

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