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WWE Super ShowDown 2019 Results: Matches, Live Updates and Results

Archie Blade

WWE Super ShowDown 2019 Results: Matches, Live Updates and Results

WWE Super ShowDown 2019 Results: Matches, Live updates and results from tonight’s Money in the Bank Pay-per-View is presented to you by SportsRush.

WWE Super ShowDown will emanate from the King Abdullah Sports City Stadium in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The show will present matches that have culminated from storylines featured on Raw, SmackDown and 205 Live. There have been 10 matches announced for the pay-per-view. Tonight’s PPV will be WWE’s 3rd event in the Desert Kingdom after ‘The Greatest Royal Rumble’ and ‘Crown Jewel’. The Pay per View will stream live on the WWE Network.

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The Matches on the card tonight are:

Kick Off Show

The Revival Vs The Usos

Main Card

Roman Vs Shane McMahon

Triple H Vs Randy Orton

50 men Battle Royal

Lars Sullivan Vs Lucha House Party

Braun Strowman Vs Bobby Lashley

Finn Balor (Demon) © Vs Andrade (Intercontinental Championship)

The Undertaker Vs Goldberg

Kofi Kingston © Vs Dolph Ziggler (WWE Championship Match)

Seth Rollins © Vs Baron Corbin (Universal Championship)

Here are the results so far:

The Usos Vs The Revival

The Usos were the crowd favorites tonight. They had the full support of a very loud Saudi audience who fumed when the referee missed a pin count following an interference by Dash Wilder. Scott Dawson took advantage and hit a spinebuster but the Usos managed to stage a comeback and Super kicked their way to a victory.

This was a good match, not as good as the one they had on Raw 2 weeks back but entertaining enough to warm the crowd up.

Result: The Usos Win

Seth Rollins © Vs Baron Corbin (Universal Championship)

The Universal Champ walked out with a bandaged torso to sell the mauling he received at the hands of Brock Lesnar on Raw this earlier this week. Baron Corbin, the challenger took advantage of the Champion not being at his best. Corbin dominated most of the match with Seth relying on sheer heart and determination to stage the occasional comebacks. A frustrated Corbin attempted to attack Rollins with a chair. The referee stopped him before he could hit him though. Rollins took advantage of the distraction and won the match with a roll up. Corbins had his vengeance later as he hit Rollins with an End of Days.

Brock Lesnar soon walked out with Heyman and a referee as promised. However, Heyman slipped by the ropes. This distracted Brock Lesnar. The Universal champion took the opportunity to low blow the Beast. He then viciously attacked lesnar with the chair and carried his championship back with him to the back.

Result: Seth Rollins Retains

Finn Balor (Demon) © Vs Andrade (Intercontinental Championship)

The Demon walked out to defend his Intercontinental championship against El Idolo Andrade. The Two had a surprisingly close match. You’d expect the Demon to squash or dominate the match. However, it was still a good match. Andrade showed great spirit in taking the fight to the demon. He even managed to land a Hammerlock DDT on Balor. It wasn’t enough to put the champion down though as he fought his way to a victory after a Coup De Grace.

Result: Finn Balor retains

Shane McMahon Vs Roman Reigns

Roman and Shane had a decent match. Roman dominated most of the match. But as has been the case for a while now, Shane managed to get an upper hand at important Junctures with the help of the people at his corner. Drew McIntyre made sure that Roman wouldn’t get an insurmountable lead in the match. The finish of the match saw Shane falling on the referee, distracting him enough for The Scottish Psychopath to land a Claymore kick to hand Shane the Victory.

Result: Shane McMahon Wins

Lars Sullivan Vs Lucha House Party

Lars was treated like an absolute beast but in a classic example of WWE not going all the way with it’s superstars, the match ended in a disqualification after the trio ganged up on Lars Sullivan and attempted to make their way to the back. However, a displeased Lars followed them on the ramp and attacked the Luchadors making sure no one came out looking good from the match.

Result: Lars Sullivan wins via disqualification

Triple H Vs Randy Orton

The match started with an excellent exhibition of Mat Wrestling. However, as the match progressed both Superstars displayed more aggression. The match was mostly slow through out the bout however they made sure to sprinkle exciting moments to keep the audience entertained. Both stars even kicked out of their finishers. Randy tried to bring the pint kick back but Triple H blocked the move. The match ended with Randy hitting Triple H with another RKO for the victory ending Triple H’s unbeaten run at the Desert Kingdom.

Result: Randy Orton wins

Bobby Lashley Vs Braun Strowman

The two heavyweights faced each other in front of a crowd that didn’t care much. That didn’t stop the two behemoths from tearing into each other. They were a little slow but it’s hard to move freely when you’re that large. This was a rather decent match that did better than expected. Braun Strowman picked up the win with a running power slam.

Result: Braun Strowman Wins

Kofi Kingston © Vs Dolph Ziggler (WWE Championship Match)

This was the 28th match between Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler. With a lot of history between the two, they came out to add another chapter to their storied rivalry. Surprisingly Dolph dominated a majority of this match. However as has been the script for the night, the man that came from behind emerged as the victor. Kofi’s victory however, did not come clean as Xavier kicked Dolph when the referee wasn’t paying attention. Kofi then landed a ‘Trouble in Paradise’ on Ziggler to retain his title. An incensed Ziggler spoke of his frustrations to Byron Saxton backstage and demanded a rematch for the WWE Championship in a steel cage match.

Result: Kofi Kingston retains

50 men Battle Royal

50 men is too much for one ring. There was hardly any space for the wrestlers to move. They started thinning out pretty soon though. The bigger wrestlers took the responsibility of clearing the ring. With more space, the wrestlers began exhibiting exciting spots. With only 6 wrestlers left, Ricochet and Ali teamed up to eliminate Samoa Joe. Cesaro then sneaked up behind them and eliminated the pair. Cesaro was immediately thrown out of the ring leaving Elias and Mansoor, an NXT wrestler from Saudi Arabia. Mansoor toppled Elias to huge cheers and won the 50 men battle royal.

Result: Mansoor wins the Battle Royal

Goldberg Vs The Undertaker

Two men in the twilight of their careers. This match was sold on nostalgia and fondness. No one was expecting a wrestling clinic. However, the match was hardly watchable. They started decently but everything went downhill once Goldberg bust his head open. To their credit, both legends tried their best to make a match out of it. Goldberg kicked out of a tombstone and Taker survived a JackHammer. However, Goldberg finally gave in after taking one too many chokeslams.

Result:  The Undertaker wins

That’s all the results and updates from WWE Super ShowDown 2019

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