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Details on the Additional Segment John Cena Filmed During His Recent WWE Return Revealed

Yasser Ayaz

John Cena

Since shifting his focus to Hollywood, John Cena appears on WWE TV occasionally. However, whenever The Cenation Leader returns, he tries to give back as much as he can. Recently, the 16-time WWE champion appeared on the December 30 episode of SmackDown. Cena, alongside KO, wrestled Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn in a tag team match, which they won. In fact, a recent report claims John Cena, upon his return, also shot an additional segment for WWE.

Recently, Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select revealed a key detail about the 30 December WWE return of John Cena. According to him, a big name missed one of WWE’s recent live events. And it was connected to the 16-time WWE champion.

WWE “at least planned” to film something with John Cena and Austin Theory

In its report, Fightful Select noted Austin Theory missed the recent Toronto live event because of John Cena making a WWE return. Originally, the US champion was scheduled to defend his title in a cage match against Seth Rollins. However, he ended up missing the show and traveled all the way to Tampa.

According to Sean Ross Sapp, it was all because WWE had planned to film a segment with Cena and Theory. Though there’s been detail on whether it was for digital, for future use, or for the 2K game. However, what the report is sure about is that WWE did film a segment.

“[Austin] Theory was originally scheduled to main event the Toronto live event that night in a cage match with Seth Rollins. However, Theory was pulled from that show to travel to Tampa, where he was set to film a segment with John Cena. We aren’t told if that was to be digital, for future use, for 2K, but the segment was filmed,” Sean Ross claimed.

Moreover, Fightful also confirmed news reported by WrestlingNews.Co’s last year in November. It claimed WWE was considering a match between John Cena and Logan Paul. Cut to two months later, nothing could be said about those plans.

Does that mean the 16-time champion will be facing Austin Theory at WrestleMania 39?

Six months ago, when Vince McMahon was in charge, John Cena, upon his WWE return was reported to feud with Austin Theory. Back then, Theory was on a rocket push as the next big star of the WWE company. In fact, the two men were rumored to wrestle at SummerSlam 2022. However, that match didn’t happen and Vince also retired following the hush-money scandal.

Then a few months back, Logan Paul expressed his desire to face The Cenation Leader at this year’s Showcase of Immortals. Moreover, reports emerged that said WWE might be going with the idea. Though none of that was ever officially confirmed.

Nevertheless, Vince is back and is slowly forcing himself back into power. And considering Fightful’s report, it seems WWE could end up booking the match they initially intended.

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