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“What a Baby”- Fans React to Tony Khan Saying He Was “Surprised” When Triple H Posted a Supercut of William Regal Ahead of WarGames

Rishabh Singh

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Wrestling veteran William Regal made his AEW debut earlier this year and joined the likes of Jon Moxley as his manager. The recent PPV event of Full Gear saw a typical William Regal double-crossing his client, Jon Moxley. According to reports, William Regal immediately regretted his decision to join AEW and did not want his contract to be renewed. For many years, Regal has been a mainstay name in WWE. After Tony Khan confirmed that Regal would be departing from AEW, fans have been speculating that he will make a comeback in WWE very soon. 

Ahead of Survivor Series WarGames, while Regal was still a part of AEW, Triple H took to Twitter to post a montage video of William Regal introducing the “WarGames” match. Not only did this shock the fans, but it also flustered the AEW owner Tony Khan.

Not looking too kindly at the situation, Tony Khan expressed that he was “surprised” to see Triple H posting the video at the ROH Final Battle media call. According to him, he didn’t think it was “in the spirit” of how accommodating they were. 

Fans divided on Tony Khan being upset with Triple H posting a supercut of William Regal

While some fans believe that Triple H’s tweet was harmless and that Tony Khan should not be making a stink about it, others took shots at Triple H for posting the video while Regal was still with AEW. Regardless, now that William Regal is set to leave AEW, we are certain to hear more of the “WarGames” yawps from the British wrestler going forward. 

Tony Khan reveals the real reason for William Regal’s departure from AEW

During the pre-show media call of ROH Final Battle, Tony Khan revealed why William Regal requested his contract to be terminated. According to his conversation with Regal, the wrestling legend told Tony Khan that he wished to return to WWE to work alongside his son, Charlie Dempsey.

Regal also said that he missed working with some of his old friends from WWE. According to Khan, Regal reached out back in October with the request that he had no interest in having his contract renewed for the following year. 

It is conspicuous that William Regal is set to return to WWE and take up his previous backstage role in the company. TK also pointed out that he granted Regal his wish to be released from the company on good terms.

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