“Trevor Lawrence Been Goku Ever Since” – Wrestling Fans Say This Picture Helped Jacksonville Jaguars Finish First in AFC South

Archie Blade
|Published January 16, 2023

Jacksonville Jaguars played embarrassingly to finish last in the past two seasons. In fact, they had accumulated a total of just four victories in those two years.   This time, all is forgiven for the Tony Khan led franchise as they’ve made it to the play-offs, pulling off a marvelous comeback.  They beat the Tennessee Titans 20-16, to clinch the division and make it to the play-offs for the first time since the 2017 season, which is also the only other time in their history when they won the AFC South.

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For the unaware, Tony Khan also runs a wrestling promotion called All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Back in October, the booker uploaded a picture of his star quarterback Trevor Lawrence with a few wrestlers from his promotion and wrestling fans have now taken to Twitter and credited the aforementioned picture with a turnaround in Jacksonville Jaguar’s fortunes.

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Wrestling fans say this picture helped Jacksonville Jaguars finish first in AFC South

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Trevor Lawrence helped Jacksonville Jaguars pull off an incredible come from behind victory in the 2023 playoffs

The Jacksonville Jaguars squared off against the Los Angeles Chargers in the Wild Card round of the 2023 playoffs. The AFC South winners pulled off yet another miraculous comeback from a hopeless situation and overcame a 27-point deficit to win 31-30, triumphing on a field goal from 36 yards with seconds left in the game, and a lot of the credit goes to Trevor Lawrence.

The quarterback became the first player in modern NFL playoff history to throw three picks in one quarter. He was also the first to throw four in a playoff half since Brett Favre in 2001.

But more importantly, he was a source of inspiration to his teammates despite the situation they found themselves in. He moved like he owned the place. Almost like he already knew what the result was going to be before anyone else and incredibly, his teammates trusted him just as much as he did.

Together, they are pulling off a story many will remember for years to come. A maiden Super Bowl appearance is more than a possibility. For now, however, they will have their sights set on the Kansas City Chiefs.

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