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Yoru Valorant Guide: How to Play One of the Most *UNDER-RATED* Duelists in the Game!

Adnan Juzar Kachwala

Yoru Valorant Guide: How to Play One of the Most *UNDER-RATED* Duelists in the Game!

When you think of Valorant Duelists, your first thought goes to Jett or Neon, right? Every professional player and ranked grinder prefers to play Jett, Neon, or in extreme cases, Reyna to take care of their dueling needs. However, Yoru is really underutilized. That is why, today we will take a look at a simple guide to utilizing Yoru. This guide contains simple and understandable tips and not complex teleport line-ups. Without further ado, let us get into it. Click here for a Brimstone Guide!

How to Utilize Yoru’s Abilities to Confuse Your Enemies in Valorant

We will break down every ability and see where and how it can help us on the attack and defense sides. Yoru is meant to distract, fake and ensure that players rotate prematurely. He is built to cause chaos in rounds. That is why, utilizing his teleports and causing confusion is the best thing you can do with him.

Ability E – Gatecrash

The most important ability in Yoru’s arsenal is the teleport. It will help in distracting enemies. Throw the teleports farther into the enemy sites to cause rotates and create suspicion. Then quickly rehit other areas to catch the enemies off-guard. However, you can also use this as a key to get out and escape. This makes Yoru a really great OPer if played right.

You can watch pro-player VODs to figure out how to use teleports effectively. Or look at some videos of Yoru one-tricks, they have good tips. We recommend watching Ziptie or Red.

Ability Q – Blindside

A flashbang built for Yoru himself. This is a really good tool for catching people off-guard. If it lands correctly it blinds them for a significant amount of time and allows you to quickly get a kill. This is nothing fancy, a simple teleport and a blind combo can go a long way. Or you can fake into the site and entry normally along with other duelists. Think of the different ways it can help delay retakes and site hits.

Ability C – Fakeout

Combining multiple abilities is the key to playing Yoru. Combine this with a Gatecrash to confuse enemies. By the time enemies realize it’s a fake, you will flash them and pick up an easy kill. Do not be mistaken, the Fakeout can blind enemies when they shoot it. Trolling with this ability and throwing out random fakeouts is the key to confusing your opponents with this ability.

Ultimate X – Dimensional Drift

The ultimate is the best rotation tool. It can help gather information on the enemy, confuse enemies, get a free kill, and create chaos. You have to use it wisely since you have a limited amount of time to set up various teleports and fakeouts. In addition, you can use this tool to reposition and play with your teammates if you are stuck in an awkward position.

That was our Yoru guide! What did you think of it? What agent would you like to see next? Stay tuned at The SportsRush for more Valorant guides!

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Adnan Juzar Kachwala

Adnan Juzar Kachwala


Adnan Kachwala is a Gaming Journalist working as a Content Writer at The SportsRush. Adnan started covering Valorant when he watched Shroud dominate public matches with his aim. He wanted to write about Call of Duty ever since his first Nuclear in Black Ops II. He has an expertise in FPS games like Call of Duty and Valorant and has been covering them along with other games for more than two years. He has written more than 600 articles on both of those games along with other popular AAA titles. He has a Mass Media Degree with a Specialization in Journalism. Adnan has an expertise writing listicles related to Gaming and reviewing newer releases. When he is not making content, you can find him reading books, creating videos and watching Valorant Esports on Twitch.

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