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5 things We Learned From The Premier League This Weekend!

Aniket Kibey

Scouting report of defensive targets for Chelsea

As the initial euphoria of premier league has settled down and we are 3 games down the line, teams have started taking shape and manager would have some idea of their starting lineup, we look at top 5 things we learned from premier league this weekend.

5) The Title race has begun


Before the league began, we all were saying that there will 4-5 teams who are strong enough to fight for the title. Although it is too early to comment, but it seems like the two clubs of Manchester and Chelsea are leading the pack.

All the three teams have won all of their opening three fixtures before the international break and creating an image that these will be the ones who will contest for the title.

Apart from City, rest two have had a few hiccups in their matches, and have not won the contests while dominating the game, but they still managed to scrap through their games. This is what is required to win the premier league, and these three are showing the mettle.

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2) Spurs, Liverpool and Arsenal need to buckle up


As stated earlier, the season began is six way battle between the clubs, but Spurs, Liverpool and Arsenal have not began like the way they should have. All the teams are lacking in one ot the other areas of the field.

Arsenal are lacking the fire power at the top and Liverpool at the back, Spurs are lacking in creating the goals. Although Arsenal played like they should with the squad they have, they are not projecting confidence among the fans. (5 things we learned from premier league this weekend)

All of these need to get going in the next couple of weeks or else they will start fighting for the 4th spot. With no Champions league, Liverpool have advantage over these two but that doesn’t guarantee anything to them.

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3) Ronald Koeman brings a feel good factor at Goodison


There was not much hope last season at Goodison where the charm of Martinez which should have been there since 3 years, was quickly fading out. They had disastrous last  season where at evey part of the field they were suffering.

He’s brought in fresh talent at the Goodison which has already started to pay dividends. (5 things we learned from premier league this weekend)

They had won only 6 games least season at home, 5 out out of them were against bottom 5 teams, so getting 7 points out first 3 games is definitely a progress for the blues of Liverpool.

2 ) Are Leicester strong enough?

Jamie Vardy will be looking to get going against Swansea

Is the fairy tale over at the King power stadium. They had a brilliant season last year, but this year was always going to be an even more of an uphill task for them.They have lost Kante and its not helping them at all.

Drinkwater has been told by Ranieri that he needs to come to terms of playing without Kante on his side. With Mahrez and Vardy still at the club, they still possess the threat but the initial signs are not promising. (5 things we learned from premier league this weekend)

They might finish in the top half of the table, but a champions league place finish is seeming a distant dream, unless they actually win the prestigious cup, which if they win no one would be surprised after what they achieved last season.

1) Can Liverpool take the next step?

As Fernando Torres said in his interview a few weeks back where he discussed about Liverpool, he stated that Liverpool are still trying to re-build since last 4-5 years. And it isn’t wrong also.

Its been years, since Kopites have said confidently that they will finish in top 4. Suarez’s brilliance and Gerrard’s determination resulted in a brilliant campign in 2013-14, but they have come back to ground zero again under Klopp.

There’s no denying that Klopp has got them going, but it is the inconsistency which is hitting them hard. Even after being the better team in all of the three games this season, they only procured 4 out of the possible 9 points on offer.

No one will deny that they are an attacking threat going forward, but they need to sort their left back and centre midfield issue to be actually considered top 4 challengers.

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