Aoc makes Corpse, Hbomberguy & Valkyrae’s day, invites them to Among Us record Twitch stream!

Arnab Mukherjee
|Published 21/10/2020

AOC’s Among Us stream was not just limited to the first 8 lucky streamers! She invited Corpse, Hbomb, Valkyrae & Gus later on. Here’s how it went down!

When it comes to big events on Twitch, few are as grand as AOC’s Among Us Stream turned out to be. The US Congresswoman decided to engage in an Among Us stream in order to get the word out about the upcoming elections and encourage people to vote. And thus, she was on the lookout for some of the biggest names on Twitch to share the screen with. Naturally, almost everyone would want to flock to the scene and so it turned out. Luckily though, no one was left out and if not in the first try, almost everyone got in at the second.

The second invite list: Big names galore! Corpse & Hbomberguy steal the show!

For those of you who are not yet aware, let us tell you that the lobby on AOC’s stream can be divided into 2 terms. This is based on the members who were swapped in between. For the initial list of Streamers who joined, check out our article here. As far as the second list was concerned, here’s how things went down.

After they played for more than an hour and a half or so, Big Moist, JackSepticeye and Myth decided to take a break. They thanked AOC for the chance and left. The empty spaces were first filled by renowned Britsh activist and streamer, Hbomberguy. Our buddy with the coolest voice in the universe, Corpse Husband soon joined in. And then finally, Ilhan’s daughter Isra came in along with Gusjohnson, who swapped for singer Maya.

AOC, as expected, was particularly impressed with Corpse’s deep voice. And although we did not get to see any of Corpse’s amazing plays, he did treat us to his iconic style and calming influence which AOC loved!

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Later on, Congress members Justin Amash & Rushida Tlaib also hopped into the chat to witness the iconic stream. Justin Amash stated that he was “highly entertained”.

Hbomberguy, the newbie & Ilhan-Isra rock the show!

Among the other entries, Ilhan’s daughter Isra got into the groove right away. In fact, she did not play like an amateur at all. The duo was so strong at a point that they even caught mastermind Toast and foiled his tactics as Imposter. This was a classic mother & daughter moment for them.

A person who was a newbie though was Hbomberguy and he also played like one. Though a great presence in the lobby, he wasn’t the best crewmate in the game early on. However, thankfully he caught up later on and managed to bag an Imposter win.

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A place where Hbomb did make headlines though was in discussing the healthcare system with AOC and co. He set a fine example of UK’s cheap and affordable healthcare and AOC applauded it.

The lobby also addressed the issue with unaffordable American healthcare and AOC emphasized the need to fix the same.

However, apart from these serious moments, there were plenty of hilarious ones as well. You can look them up from our links below.

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