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“I don’t like to kill!” AOC is Imposter in Among Us first round! JackSepticeye simps & Toast follows AOC around!

Arnab Mukherjee

"Can we get Corpse in here?", AOC requests on Among Us stream after fans break her Twitch chat

AOC turned out to be the Imposter in the very first round of Among Us & streamers DID NOT go easy! Toast, Septiceye & others were in on the action early!

Guess what AOC! Among Us won’t let you take it easy! The first game in Among Us was nothing short of merciless for the NY Congresswoman. She did not get any chance to ease into the game as a Crewmate while her fellow streamers taught her the nooks and crannies. Rather, she found herself in the role of an Imposter straight away!

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AOC loves to kill!

Don’t let that Congresswoman’s tag full you! Lmao… AOC, as it turns out, is a cold-blooded killer. She hopped onto the neck-snapping ship the first chance she got and did so with ease! After first playing innocent and claiming she doesn’t want to kill, the next moment AOC snapped a crewmate’s neck.

On the whole, the moment was hilarious but warming. She even called Pokimane “very nice” before she killed her! Lmao!

What did Toast, Septiceye & co do?

Elsewhere, JackSepticeye admittedly could not stop simping for who he termed was “his favourite Congresswoman”. Toast meanwhile was his usual calm self and became the initial guide to AOC in-game, following her around.

AOC herself was all smiles as well and she found the game a great experience. Hasanabi also praised Toast’s Among Us streams. Ilhan was silent as she still tried to figure out the game. Both she & AOC ran around trying to figure out how to call emergencies and open doors.

As far as the ending goes though, Cortez lost the game and was caught at her second attempt itself! No surprises there, amateur hour!

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So, the beginning was great on the whole. It was hilarious. Luckily, Cortez found herself to be a Crewmate next game. So now, she can take a deep breath and take it easy.

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AOC stands for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who is America’s youngest Congresswoman. She’s from New York & is streaming Among Us on Twitch from tonight. She’s doing it to raise awareness about upcoming elections & also urge people to vote. You can catch her streams here!

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