“Have to get into the Corpse mood”, Corpse joins AOC Among Us Stream, AOC impressed!

Ganesh Kamat
|Published October 21, 2020

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also known as AOC, is currently streaming on twitch has broken many records during her stream.

The Congresswoman from New York has a unique style of promoting the campaign for the election as she streamed Among Us on her twitch channel.

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She has amassed more than 439k followers and more than 600k concurrent viewers.

During her stream, Corpse Husband joined the game and AOC was very impressed with the deep voice of Corpse.


In the first game that they played Corpse was voted off wrongly by big brain disguised toasts tactics who was the impostor.

Congresswoman Ilhan & her daughter Isra also joined the game with AOC and they teamed up to defeat toast.

Who is Corpse Husband?

Corpse Husband is an American YouTuber from San Diego, California, who is known for his Horror Narration Channel.

He is also known for reading out true horror stories, which are sent to him from his subscribers or from his subreddits , r/LetsNotMeet and r/NoSleep.

Corpse’s has a very distinguishable and deep voice which many have given him credit for making horror stories more entertaining and frightening for the viewers.

Not much is known about Corpse’s past, he stated once that he dropped out of school in 8th grade due to personal issues and returned to school and soon after dropped out.

He enjoys going to the gym and loves photography.

Corpse also played soccer and also got into the local newspaper due to soccer.

He loves playing video games in his free time, games like  Rocket League, CS: GO, Among Us and Fallout are his go to.

Corpse also has made music and uploaded on his second channel and other music platforms.

His identity is unknown to most, except to his close friends and YouTuber friends.

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