Among Us Marinating : “I’d never marinate a Congresswoman!” AOC tricked by Disguised Toast on first Among Us stream!

Arnab Mukherjee
|Published October 21, 2020

The AOC Among Us Stream may be new but Disguised Toast marinating people is not! Here’s how Toast managed to pull it off & how AOC reacted after!

Disguised Toast is no stranger to epic plays when it comes to Among Us. Long considered one of the best streamers of the game, he is a man with great skills. And these were on full show as Toast managed to big-brain Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez! AOC may be one of the leaders of youth politics when it comes to the real world. But Toast is the big boy in Among Us lobbies. * wink wink *

Oh and also, by the way, for those of you who do not know what marinate is, here’s a simple definition. Marinating in Among Us just means being an Imposter, gaining a Crewmate’s trust by not killing them. So, basically, every time you two are alone, you restrain the urge to kill.

And defend yourself with that, claiming that if you were an Imposter, you’d have killed them. Finally, you wait in late game for a chance to strike and then kill that marinated Crewmate.

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Among Us Stream: How did Toast marinate AOC?

Disguised Toast’s marination of AOC was long in the making. He had been following her around in-game right from the start, claiming he was “protecting” her. This made it seem normal by the time the duo made it to the last few of AOC’s games. The only difference this time was that Toast got to be the Imposter. As any Among Us pro would do, he did not alter his behaviour in the slightest and followed her around.

However, given that Toast had been doing zero tasks, AOC began to grow sus of him. She even called his movements out in meetings and asked chat if Toast was marinating her! But Toast, given the master that he is, simply claimed innocence. After that, he proceeded to do some fake tasks to prove the same.

Meanwhile, all this time his fellow Imposter kept making kills and by the time AOC sussed him out, he had snapped her neck! Bingo, a Congresswoman executed!

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What did Aoc do after? Also, Ilhan & Isra, a mother-daughter special.

Everyone was shocked at big-brain Toast at first but appreciated him after. Of course, it just being a game, the moment turned out to be hilarious. AOC immediately revealed after the game that she had sussed Toast for a long time. “How dare you marinate a Congresswoman?”, she shouted and feigned rage.

Toast acted innocent and pleaded, “I’d never marinate a Congresswoman” in return. The result was bonkers and the whole lobby died of laughter.

This was only a part of many such wholesome moments on stream. Both AOC and Ilhan blended into the friendly, informal atmosphere with ease and the stream was a huge hit. Among others, Pokimane’s performance was also eye-catching and AOC complimented her a great deal. Meanwhile, all was not a success for Toast though. Amateur mother & daughter combo of Ilhan and Isra managed to subdue the master by clever deduction! So, that was another major surprise.

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On the whole, the stream was a great watch and the 400k viewer record proves it! Stay tuned to The Sportsrush for more news about what went down in the stream!

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez is a Congresswoman from New York streaming the game on Twitch to raise awareness about voting. She invited various big names on Twitch for the cause.

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