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“The Austrian Oak Meets the Dutch Oak”: The Internet Goes Wild as 2024 Arnold Classic Physique Champion Wesley Vissers Shares an Instagram Post With Arnold Schwarzenegger

Brandon Gabriel Isaacs

“The Austrian Oak Meets the Dutch Oak”: The Internet Goes Wild as 2024 Arnold Classic Physique Champion Wesley Vissers Shares an Instagram Post With Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Arnold Classic 2024 has just ended, but the fans are still in a hangover from the intense battles that took place in the event. With almost every category seeing new winners, upsets, and unbelievable physiques, this year’s Arnold Classic was a treat. Speaking of upsets, one of the unexpected upsets of the event was Wesley Vissers defeating Ramon Dino to take the 2024 Arnold Classic Physique title.

In the final round of the event, in the war of aesthetics, the Dutch Pro, Wesley, won, and this outcome did not surprise some. Wesley had come in 10th place in the 2019 Arnold Classic. His effort and dedication over the years led to a significant jump in his ranking, and he now holds the title of champion.

After the completion of the Arnold Classic 2024, Wesley posted a carousel of pictures and videos of him along with the former legendary bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger. Vissers was invited to be a part of the panel on the impression of the Sunday winner’s seminar. Humbled by this, Vissers shared a note of gratitude on his Instagram post that read:

“Impression of the Sunday winner’s seminar with the legends of the sport. Just.. incredible. I’m extremely humbled to have been part of this panel with all the greats of the sport of bodybuilding.

In addition, Arnold, who had handed out the championship award, was full of praise for Wesley. He even compared him to his on-stage rival, Lou Ferrigno. Schwarzenegger said that his physique looked fantastic. In continuation of his Instagram post, his caption about Arnold read:

“And hey, Arnold called me a true classic bodybuilder once again. This dream just keeps getting better.”

Fans who saw this post, with the two bodybuilders sharing the same frame, could not keep calm and were quick to react. 

Fans go into a frenzy after seeing Wesley Vissers recent Instagram post

The post shared by Vissers no doubt goes down as one of the iconic ones, as he is seen sharing the stage with the legend, Arnold himself. The reactions from his fans were even better. They were excited and praised the future bodybuilding star for his achievement.

A proud Vissers fan wrote, “Absolutely deserved and well earned! This is the start of Wes getting the recognition he deserves.” Another fan, in comparison to the two bodybuilders, wrote, “The Austrian Oak Meets the Dutch Oak.

One fan calling him a legend penned, “Now you have your own place as a legend in the sport.” While another pointed out his longevity and wrote, “The Dutch Oak is here to stay.” 

One fan wrote that Wesley deserves the award. “Hugely deserved. it’s so cool seeing you sat up there where you belong.” 

The Dutch Oak has indeed made a mark in the Austrian Oak’s mind. It is yet to be seen what Wesley will achieve on the biggest stage, being a tough competitor to many. 

Post Edited By:Simar Singh Wadhwa

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Brandon Gabriel Isaacs


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