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“We Have Gangsters Here”: Resurfaced Picture Featuring Ronnie Coleman, Flex Wheeler and Chris Cormier Leaves Bodybuilding World in Frenzy

Rahul Goutam Hoom

“We Have Gangsters Here”: Resurfaced Picture Featuring Ronnie Coleman, Flex Wheeler and Chris Cormier Leaves Bodybuilding World in Frenzy

IFBB legend Chris Cormier is known for being active on social media. The former bodybuilder recently shared a rather unseen photo of three legendary bodybuilders. In the image, bodybuilding GOAT Ronnie Coleman, Flex Wheeler, and Chris Cormier sit on a sofa in their vintage attire. This picture stunned the fans and drew some incredible reactions.

The shot clearly shows that Raymond Casser was the photographer. The three bodybuilding legends wore matching outfits in the Instagram image that went viral. Sitting on the left of the photo is Ronnie Coleman, who is sporting a silver suit and black leather boots. He seems to be clutching a book and has a patterned tie that peeks out from his suit.

The photo centers on Flex Wheeler, who is wearing a black suit, black boots, a gold watch, and sunglasses. On the right of the photo, one can see Chris Cormier, dressed in a black suit and a red shirt.

The shot is authentic vintage bodybuilding, and all the superstars are sitting on the same couch, striking a candid look. Cormier also has a message for this resurfaced picture in his IG caption, as he mentions:

Be legendary !! If you can! @officialflexwheeler @ronniecoleman8 @mrolympiallc#instantclassic

The three bodybuilders’ retro attire enthralled the fans. Most of the time, they have seen them posing on Olympia stages in just trunks; however, this was a rare sight as they all seemed like Hollywood stars or more like gangsters all suited up.

OG Vibes.”

This fan has a demand, as they leave a comment:

“Flex’s suit belongs in the Smithsonian. Classic. Cormier’s red dress shirt is on some Matrix/Blade vibes (Sick AF). Ronnie looking like a XXXL Men’s Warehouse model. This pic needs to be on a t-shirt.”

Guessing the date of the picture, this fan wrote:

“3 Legends here “Drippin” back in the day. I’m guessing this was around the 99 Olympia plus or minus one.”

They all have a common vibe to their attire, as this fan mentions:

“We have Gangsters here.”

One fan points out how Ronnie Coleman looks like the popular video game character CJ from GTA San Andreas; they left a comment that read:

“Ronnie looks like GTA cj.”

For the bodybuilders, seeing these old photos and videos brings back fond memories of their heyday in the industry. Still, every once in a while, a few of these clips manage to stun the icons with their own prime physiques.

GOAT Ronnie Coleman seems flabbergasted after looking at his prime physique

For his social media followers, Milos Sarcev often delivers doses of nostalgia. A video of the legendary Ronnie Coleman guest posing in Barcelona, in 1996, was shared by him a few days ago. The video was so remarkable that the GOAT himself commented on the Instagram post.

Coleman overcame many challenges to become the physically formidable athlete he once was. But even he was surprised by his prime physique. As the crowd erupted in cheers, the GOAT struck a series of poses onstage in the IG video. Watching the clip made the bodybuilder extremely nostalgic, since only a few years after this event, he was on the verge of dominating the bodybuilding realm with his multiple Olympia wins.

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