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Jake Paul Admits Boxing Legend Mike Tyson Has Higher ‘Body Count’ After Kid’s Infamous Question

Kishore R

Jake Paul Admits Boxing Legend Mike Tyson Has Higher ‘Body Count’ After Kid's Infamous Question

Following a young fan’s absurd “body count” question at the press conference, Jake Paul spoke his mind recently to ‘The Schmo.’ The 27-year-old gave credit where it was due, admitting that he had a significantly lower body count than the boxing Hall of Famer, Mike Tyson!

And, no, Paul is not referring to the number of sexual encounters each has had in their respective lives but is respectfully acknowledging Tyson’s KO streak. After all, 44 is a number far greater than 6!

Speaking to The Schmo, Paul admitted that it would take him a lot of “pounding” to reach Tyson’s level, subtly answering the influencer in a forked tone with a laugh. He said,

Yeah, I need a lot more fights to catch up to him, Mike’s got a higher body count, respect!” 

The two boxers are set to touch gloves and duke it out on July 20 at the AT&T center in Arlington, Texas for eight two-minute rounds. The bout will be Tyson’s first-ever boxing match since the exhibition against Hall of Famer Roy Jones Jr in 2020.

Moreover, this will be the first time Tyson will step into the ring for a professional bout since retiring after losing to Kevin McBride in 2005.

Another matter of contention and the biggest controversy around this fight is the age difference between the two.

At the time of the bout, Tyson will be 31 years older than Paul who will be 27! Now, that is a generation gap there! So it wouldn’t be asinine to say that most fans want to see Tyson KO Paul and end this ‘farce’ once and for all.

But they also believe that the age gap could mean a brutal end to Iron Mike’s boxing career. However, UFC trainer Tim Welch feels only fools would count Tyson out.

UFC champion trainer backs Mike Tyson, calls detractors “dumb”

With time clearly against him and a much younger fighter to deal with, many have already written off Tyson but not Tim Welch.

The veteran UFC trainer breaking down the upcoming fight called fans “dumb” for thinking little of Tyson. Mentioning that the rules and stipulations favor him, he reminded the fandom who Mike Tyson really was and is. He said,

 “Mike Tyson is a scary human being, one of the scariest human beings [that] you’ll ever see. I don’t think he’s going to be the same ferocious dog that he used to be, obviously. But it is [still] Mike Tyson, to say he doesn’t have a chance you got to be dumb, but the chances are not that high just because of the age.”

Welch, who corners the bantamweight champion Sean O’Malley also revealed his concern about Tyson not being the Hulk of his prime. But he has good reason to believe Tyson would be the more dangerous one in the opening rounds but is unsure if the fight goes into the championship rounds.

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Kishore R

Kishore R


Kishore is a UFC writer at The SportsRush. It was a YouTube video of 1989’s Fight of the Year bout between Roberto Duran and Iran Barkley that got him hooked on the thrill of the gladiator sport. Later that insatiable thirst and yearning for controlled violence got him to the defunct PRIDE FC, which was the king of MMA promotions till the Ultimate Fighting Championship broke into the scene. Along with his undying passion for the sport and his experience as a writer, penning more than a thousand articles, Kishore is amalgamating his technical understanding of the sport with his stellar storytelling prowess. From Fedor’s unrivaled reign to the newest crowning of Alex Pereira, he has been religiously following the sport and wishes to see Tony Ferguson bounce back and showcase his old swagger - “IT’S TONY TIME!”

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