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Rebecca J Suggests Ryan Garcia ‘Might Be Down’ for Exclusive OnlyFans Content Amidst ‘Wild Sh*t’ on Social Media

Souvik Roy

Rebecca J Suggests Ryan Garcia ‘Might Be Down’ for Exclusive OnlyFans Content Amidst ‘Wild Sh*t’ on Social Media

Ryan Garcia might be on OnlyFans, according to Rebecca J. A lot of UFC fighters and other combat sports athletes have ventured into other ways of making money apart from fighting. The recent inauguration of the noted UFC icon, Israel Adesanya’s, real estate organization, ‘Adesanya Close’, stands as an example of this. But fans might agree that starting an ‘OnlyFans’ account isn’t an option that most male fighters would consider. The famous online content creator, Jessenia Rebecca, aka. ‘Rebecca J’, gave out her views on this issue in a recent episode of the ‘No Jumper’ podcast. Shockingly, she opined that the noted boxer, Ryan Garcia, might agree to walk on the path less taken by others.

Most boxing fans are currently awaiting ‘KingRy’s upcoming showdown against the WBC super lightweight champ, Devin ‘The Dream’ Haney. But recent reports say that Garcia hasn’t been doing pretty well mentally. Even his scheduled rival, Haney mockingly advised him to “stop the co*aine” during their pre-fight press conference a few days back.

Rebecca was probably aware of everything. She implied how Garcia was doing some unthinkable stuff lately. This is probably why she opined Garcia might get into ‘OnlyFans’ as well. She said,

“Ryan might be down. Ryan Garcia. He’s been doing a lot of wild s*it.”

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The duo then went on to discuss at length about why none of the UFC athletes have been on OnlyFans. But a deeper dive into the issue will reveal that both Rebecca and the podcast host were wrong in their views about male UFC fighters never choosing to become ‘OnlyFans’ models.

Charles Oliveira and Israel Adesanya have already walked the way that Rebecca J thinks Ryan Garcia could join

Well, ‘Izzy’ Adesanya may be cutting the ribbons and unveiling the signboards of his brand-new business venture. But reports reveal that he had also been an ‘OnlyFans’ model previously. However, Adesanya also revealed that his content was much more than the general adult content usually found on the platform. But, the former UFC middleweight champ didn’t continue posting and got inactive soon.

The noted former UFC lightweight champ, Charles Oliveira also announced his joining the platform in February this year. But much like Adesanya, Oliveira also mentioned that he won’t be posting adult content. Instead, his updates would be related to routine workouts, family, and other exclusive stuff. Garcia also might join ‘OnlyFans’ and use it in the way Adesanya and Oliveira have done. But Rebbeca J’s expectations about the kind of content she wants from ‘KingRy’ probably won’t be fulfilled anytime soon.

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