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Ryan Garcia Asserts ‘I’m Next’ Following Former Champion Boxer Amir Khan’s Appointment as Army Captain in Pakistan

Kishore R

Ryan Garcia Asserts ‘I’m Next’ Following Former Champion Boxer Amir Khan’s Appointment as Army Captain in Pakistan

Acknowledging his achievements in the sport of boxing, the Pakistan army honored the Pakistan-born British boxer Amir Khan in a special ceremony, bestowing him the honorary rank of captain. Though, the title was “simply an honorary rank,” this development got Ryan Garcia green with envy! Reacting to the veteran boxer’s new acclaim, ‘King Ryan’ put out an “X” post with the caption,

“I’m next for any country who wants a General I will be victorious for any victory.”

Donning a Pak army uniform, Khan attended a special ceremony in Pakistan, where high-ranking army officials honored him with the title. Naturally, the gesture was a significant milestone in Khan’s journey as a boxer, and the 37-year-old compared the achievement to winning a world title.

Garcia, on the other hand, has already blemished his career amidst the ongoing Ostarine Gate scandal. However, he asserted that he was next in line to receive the honor and even claimed he would be okay with being a general in any army, no matter the country.

However, although Garcia is out there craving attention, he has other things in hand that are far more important. In fact,  his boxing career is hanging in the balance after his second sample turned positive.

Will Ryan Garica bite the bullet and get suspended?

Ryan Garica shocked the world when he handed his rival, Devin Haney, the first defeat of his professional career. However, the hype was quickly derailed when Garcia tested positive for Ostarine, and now the boxer is facing the heat from the community for his illegitimate ways.

Although the California native refuted the initial results, the second test also turned out positive and Devin has now urged the commission to step in and revoke Garcia’s boxing license. However, in defense, Garcia and his team are fending the fraud accusations with a hair test sample that negates the Ostarine gate theory.

With strong technical proof of the banned substance being in his system, this won’t be an easy battle for Garcia despite having Oscar De La Hoya on his side. On top of it, fans believe that the scandal has already paved the way for his downfall.

Post Edited By:Shraman Mitra

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