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Ryan Garcia Channels Dillon Danis, Targets Nina Agdal’s Leonardo DiCaprio Past to Taunt Logan Paul

Allan Binoy

Ryan Garcia Channels Dillon Danis, Targets Nina Agdal’s Leonardo DiCaprio Past to Taunt Logan Paul

It would appear Ryan Garcia and Dillon Danis have something in common- misogyny. Garcia has followed in Danis’ path and taken potshots at Logan Paul’s supermodel fiance, Nina Adgal with a sexist remark.

Garcia and Paul have been going back and forth on social media for some time now. It all started off with ‘KingRy’ calling Prime Hydration the drink of the devil and calling out both Paul and KSI over it.

Since then, it has been a non-stop onslaught on ‘The Maverick’ and his hydration company and it looks like Garcia doesn’t have any issues crossing the proverbial line in the sand.

And so he dragged Nina Agdal into it. Mind you, this is the same s*ut shaming, trash-talking tactic that Dillon Danis used and instantly go sued for it, much to his regret.

‘KingRy’ has not learned from Danis’ lesson as he posted a picture of Agdal alongside her former boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio on X and captioned it saying,

“He gon cry in the car Leo had her it’s over Objection your honor”


Ryan Garcia has claimed their marriage is ‘Stupid’ and spoke about destroying it. ‘KingRy’ also claims to have a lot of knowledge about the elites and believes ‘The Maverick’ is involved with them.

This latest rant could also be because of the beef between George Janko and Paul. The boxer had tweeted out in support of Janko recently.

Ryan Garcia supports George Janko in his beef against Logan Paul

Paul’s former best friend George Janko recently came out with a video, where he spoke about how the WWE superstar had problems with his religion and eventually got him off the podcast.

Garcia then took to X to start a fight he had nothing with.

“Yall some wussy’s bro talking shit Its war F*CK HIM FIRED GEROGE FOR SPEAKING ABOUT JESUS LETS GO”

Ryan Garcia claims to be a devout Christian. So when he heard that Logan Paul fired George Janko due to his religious beliefs, he could not stand and watch. Garcia now wants all the bad blood against ‘The Maverick’ and claims he will expose him. It will be interesting to see if this trash talk leads to a fight.

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