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The Hundred format: What are rules of the Hundred? The Hundred rules explained in full

Rishikesh Sharma

The Hundred format: What are rules of the Hundred? The Hundred rules explained in full

The Hundred format: The SportsRush brings you detailed information of the rules of the Hundred cricket competition.

The Hundred Cricket is set to be back with its 2nd season in the UK. The men’s competition will start from 3 August 2022, whereas the Women’s competition will start from 11 August 2022. There were quite a few negativities last year about the event, but it was a huge success in the end.

Southern Brave won the inaugural edition of the Men’s competition, and they will be up against Welsh Fire in the inaugural match of the 2022 season at the Rose Bowl in Southampton. There are many star names lined up for the tournament, and the organizers would want to repeat the success of the last season.

The Hundred format

The Hundred cricket is played in a completely different format, but the basic rule remains the same. The team that will score the most runs in the match will be declared the winner. As far as the number of balls comes, it is clear from the name only that there will be 100 balls per innings.

There is no concept of overs in this tournament, a bowler can either bowl 5 or 10 consecutive balls as per the strategy decided by the team. The ends will change after every 10 balls, so it is possible that two bowlers can bowl from the very same end continously. Talking about the powerplay, it will be of the initial 25 balls.

Generally, in every format of the game, a single bowler can bowl a maximum of 1/5 of the total deliveries, and it is the same in this format as well. One bowler can bowl a maximum of 20 balls in the match. The bowling side is allowed to take a strategic timeout of 2 minutes in between the innings.

It is to be noted that the match should be completed in the time slot of 2.5 hours.

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