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“He is the Greatest CS GO player of all time”: TenZ, Timthetatman and other player reacts to Simple and NaVi making history, winning first major without dropping a single map

Yuvansh Ruia

CSGO simple

NaVi officially claimed their first CSGO major in flawless fashion by winning the PGL Major Stockholm 2021 major on Sunday against G2

Not only did they 2-0 G2, NaVi ended up completing the entire tournament without dropping a single map. This is the first time in CS:GO history that the winner of a major didn’t lose a single map in their run to the victory.

The win mark’s Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev’s first major victory, after five years of grinding it out with NaVi. In the Grand Final match, S1mple put on a stunning performance, going 38 and 23. Considering his incredible play combined with his first CSGO major win, he has almost certainly cemented his legacy as the best player to ever pick up the mouse and keyboard to play Counter-Strike.



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What winning CSGO Major means to S1mple and the community?

“A lot of people didn’t believe in me, and made jokes, but I f*cking did it,” S1mple said in his postgame interview. “The Major is ours, the major is NaVi’s. I told [the team], we just needed to believe in ourselves, and we were going to win. . . We just kept fighting. I am so proud of my team, the f*cking champions! Just look at them, the champions!”

In celebration of achieving his dream, NaVi in-game leader Kirill “Boombl4” Mikhaylov asked his girlfriend to marry him live on broadcast, though she was in Moscow at the time, so we will have to wait to hear her answer.

For their part, G2 put up a valiant fight on the second map of the series, Nuke, nearly taking the map off of NaVi pulling ahead to a 14-7 lead. However, the champions would not be denied their crown, as they pulled the game even at 15-15 to force first one overtime, then second overtime, during which NaVi was able to secure the victory 21-19.

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