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DOTA 2 TOURNAMENTS: EPIC League Season 2 returns on November 3 with a $500,000 Prize Pool

Gautham Balaji

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DOTA 2 TOURNAMENTS: EPIC League Season 2 returns on November 3 with a $500,000 Prize Pool. Open Qualifiers for Epic League Season 2 will begin from Thursday.

Epic Esports’s lates Epic League Season 2 will feature all the top Dota 2 teams of the Europe/CIS region. The tournament will also have a mammoth prize pool of $500,000. The tournament will see the participation of all the top players and teams in the Europe/CIS region, replacing Season 2 of Omega League.

Since the postponing of The International, the competitive Dota 2 scene is slightly declining. Epic Esports has come up with yet another top-tier tournament for fans to enjoy as the ESL One Germany comes to a close.

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The matches will be held from November 3rd to December 13th. This means there will be a lot of intense top-tier Dota 2 action coming up.

The matches will be played in two divisions with open qualifiers taking place on Oct 29 & 30. The closed qualifiers will happen from November 3rd to 11th.

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While this is playing out in the second division, 8 top-tier teams from Europe & CIS will fight in the first division from November 12 to December 5th. The teams in first division are Team Secret, OG, Alliance, Nigma, Secret, Virtus.Pro, Na’Vi and Team Liquid. The playoffs will be from December 8th-13th.

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