“Aim Assists just locks you on”: Dr DisRespect Rages after Dying to 100 Thieves Tommey

Tanmaiy Reddy
|Published 22/10/2021

Dr DisRespect loses his cool on stream and punches his setup after dying to 100 thieves Tommey in a Warzone Event Qualifier.

Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV AKA Dr DisRespect, is an American video-game streamer, well known for his outraged demeanour. Any person who follows Dr DisRespect knows that his salty reactions are the best.

Dr DisRespect started his Youtube Streaming career with a fight against aim assist given to controller players, especially in Activision’s Warzone. He even went to the extinct of calling aim assist “A version of hacks”. This phase of his continued in the Warzone Qualifier event 2021.

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Dr DisRespect Punches his setup in frustration

While playing The Last Dance in Verdansk Warzone Event Qualifier, Doc losses it after dying to 100T Tommey. Dr. DisRespects was have a bad day in the 150,000$ Warzone Event with timthetatman, as both of them ended up dying to a glitch in one match. That his rage on Aim Assist just became the Icing on the cake.

After this, he went on to Twitter to say that “The fact that I have a $300,000 PC that does nothing against aim assist blows my mind.”. To which 100T Tommey responds by saying that he was playing on Mouse and Keyboard, hence stating that he didn’t have aim assist.

We haven’t seen Doc rage like this in a long time. In addition to the clip, Dr DisRespects tweet also got a reply from FaZe Nicmeres, where he tells Doc to play on Controller.

Check out more from Dr DisRespect on his Youtube channel.

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