Euro 2016 Fantasy Guide: Importance of Fantasy Football and Rules of the New Format

Utkarsh Bhatla
|Published June 10, 2016

UEFA Euro Fantasy Guide
UEFA Euro Fantasy Guide

The Fantasy world has constantly been playing with the emotions of all Fantasy managers. First it was the weird user interface of the official World T20 Fantasy website, then it was the inexplicable non-functioning of the official IPL Fantasy website and now it is about the weird and confusing rules of the McDonald’s Euro Fantasy game.

When you enter an unfamiliar territory there is always this inertia that creeps into your system. You start questioning things, avoiding things and ultimately you abandon the unfamiliar. That is going to be a big challenge for all those who have been playing the Fantasy Premier League or the Fandromeda league during the IPL.

Read the preview for the first game:

Do not let the ‘confusing’ rules deter your spirit. While on the face of it it’s the players who inspire people to leave that couch of theirs and step onto the green pastures that the world has to offer, you role as fantasy managers is no less.

You inspire people to follow and analyse the game like no other. The amount of time spent in calculations, forecasting and developing that essential gut feeling helps you in the long run and would help anyone who gets inspired to play the fantasy league because of you.


So, keep the ball rolling and participate in any and every fantasy event that you find online. Trust me, it is the best way to stay connected and to build your knowledge about the sport that you love.

Now, coming to the rules of this edition’s McDonald’s Euro Fantasy

Let’s just clear the air about what a Matchday means. A matchday, while as simple as it sounds, has been used in it’s most unusual sense by the Euro Fantasy developers. In their dictionary a matchday doesn’t mean the day when there is a match, rather it means a set of days taken together. For eg: The first 5 days of the Euro is termed as Matchday1. Getting the drift?

Now, the term ‘gameday’ replaces the traditional ‘matchday’ term in the official Euro Fantasy. So, tonight is the first gameday of the Euros. Tomorrow will be the second game day and so on and so forth.

So, the basic transfer rule that says that you have 1 transfer per matchday essentially means that you get one free transfer between two sets of gamedays. Thus, if the first matchday comprises of the first 5 gamedays and the second matchday comprises of the 6th to 10th gamedays, you will get one free transfer between the 5th gameday and the 6th gameday(which will be applicable till the 10th gameday).

Now, how do you proceed with your teams for a single Matchday(A set of Gamedays)?

You build a team of 15, keeping in mind all players that will be playing during those 5 days (Matchday 1). Eleven of them will make up your starting eleven and 4 of them will take their place on the bench. This model is like your traditional Fanatsy Premier League

Now, the catch here is that you can’t be making any changes to your corpus of 15 players that you select for the entire match day(i.e for the first 5 gamedays in case of MatchDay 1)

The only change that you can make is the substitutions within your corpus of 15 players. This means that during a matchday you can substitute out players from your starting 11 with players on your bench, provided the player in your starting eleven hasn’t received a red card.(Same goes for Captaincy choices)

For example, if you chose Griezmann for tonight’s game and he gives you just 2 points, you can take a risk and substitute him with some player from your bench(say Harry Kane). This way you would be losing out on Griezmann’s two points but then you would be giving yourself the chance to better those 2 points, if Kane makes a valuable contribution in Engalnd’s game.

Thus, this new format of rules stresses on the fact that you need to have a strong bench as well and you cannot just focus on your starting 11. Also, there is a wildcard that can be played but we’ll talk about that in the subsequent articles (as to when you should go about playing it).

The points system is similar to that of the Fantasy Premier League with just a few subtle changes (nothing that affects our team picking process too much).

Keep familiarizing yourself with the user interface of the current Fantasy website as that will help you be at ease when you are picking your team. Sounds trivial but it is very important.

The Fantasy tips for tonight’s gameday and the entire team for Matchday 1 will be out by 8-8:30 PM IST

Link to the official rules page:

League Name– The Sports Rush

League Code: 0297973Z

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