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Charles Leclerc’s $5 ‘Lec’ Icecream Open Shop to Cheer the Home Hero Ahead of The Monaco GP

Mahim Suhalka

Charles Leclerc’s $5 ‘Lec’ Icecream Open Shop to Cheer the Home Hero Ahead of The Monaco GP

Charles Leclerc diversified his business portfolio away from the world of F1, launching his own ice cream brand called Lec. The healthy low-calorie ice creams became the talk of the town and were first spotted in stores in Italy. However, as the Monegasque travels home with the circus, so do his $5 ice cream tubs.

As seen on Lec’s official Instagram page and on X by user @LordPerceval19, the ice cream tubs will be available in Monaco. Specifically, the ice-creams will be available at Le Marche de la Condamine. The story also had a little message cheering Leclerc on which read,

“Right on time to support our hero: Go Charles!”

The launch time and location are a marketing masterstroke from the Ferrari man’s brand. La Condamine is not only the Ferrari man’s home, it is also the site of the racing pits and the podium. This careful timing of the launch and placement of the product will give Lec a lot of good visibility during the entire weekend.

There is no doubt the Ferrari and Leclerc faithful who are making their way to the circuit would not mind indulging in low-calorie ice cream. Moreover, there is some for everyone. The affordable dessert comes in five flavors namely: Vanillove, Salty Fudge, Swirly Pistachi-oh!, Peanut Caramel Tango, and Chocolate Crunch.

He has partnered with Italian gelato company Grom owners Federico Grom and Guido Martinetti. Nicolas Todt, the son of Jean Todt is also part of the crew making Lec a reality.

Charles Leclerc already has competition in the ice-cream business from the F1 world

Soon after Charles Leclerc launched his ice cream brand, he gave birth to a rivalry with the 2016 F1 champion Nico Rosberg. For the unaware, Rosberg’s wife Vivian runs a beautiful boutique gelato shop called Vivi’s Creamery.

The small shop in Ibiza was voted the best gelato creamery among the rest by the residents. So, when the former F1 man was asked about the Monegasque’s new business venture, he disregarded it.

After accepting that Lec is a large-scale operation compared to his shop, Rosberg did not back down banking on his quality. When asked if his shop will feature Lec tubs, he said, “No way, ours is much better. We’re in Ibiza and ours is much better.”

It’s only been a few months since Leclerc launched his business and he already has competition from the F1 world. Although, the products from Leclerc and Rosberg are in completely different worlds and incomparable. Only real-time taste tests can define a clear winner which might become an agenda the next time Rosberg features in the commentary box.

Post Edited By:Aishwary Gaonkar

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