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Christian Horner Case Far From Closed and Forgotten As New Red Bull Investigation Begins

Naman Gopal Srivastava

Christian Horner Case Far From Closed and Forgotten As New Red Bull Investigation Begins

2024 has been a year of controversies for Christian Horner, owing to serious allegations of “inappropriate behavior” towards a female employee. The complainant made these allegations against Horner before the 2024 campaign began. Following the initial allegations, Red Bull GmbH conducted an internal investigation. Two weeks later, the independent barrister hired by Red Bull GmbH dismissed the grievance against Horner.

However, the investigation reportedly created a divide in the Red Bull camp. While some in the team were in favor of Horner staying as team principal, others called for his expulsion. Reportedly, Jos Verstappen and Helmut Marko were against Horner continuing as team principal in light of all controversies.

Although the independent barrister has dismissed the grievance against Horner, the case is far from over, according to SoyMotor. The female employee, who was subsequently suspended by Red Bull, has opted to appeal against the outcome of the original investigation.

In response, the team has decided to carry out a new internal investigation next week. A new lawyer will take charge of the proceedings this time around. Much of it has to do with the credibility of the previous investigation, given Peter Blake-Turner was the lawyer in charge.

The 74-year-old is a lawyer operating on the highest level in personally advising the Yoovidhya family, who owns 51% of Red Bull’s shares. Reports have claimed that the Thai family are in favor of Horner continuing as team principal.

As a result of how this investigation has panned out, the female employee reportedly feels a sense of betrayal.

Feelings of betrayal within the employee who reported Christian Horner

After reporting Christian Horner for alleged “inappropriate behavior” and subsequently losing the argument, the female employee feels betrayed by her employers. As per Marca, the feeling has to do with Red Bull leaking the details of the case more than she felt comfortable with.

Hours after Red Bull dismissed all allegations against Horner, an anonymous source leaked texts and screenshots rumored to be from the WhatsApp conversation between Horner and the employee. The texts reportedly contained messages of a sexual nature.

Moreover, the subsequent suspension did not sit well with the employee either, as she followed all set protocols. A friend of the employee detailed her disappointment stemming from the same.

“She [the complainant] is very disappointed with how everything went. Especially because she did everything according to the rules”, explained the female employee’s friend. According to the friend, the complainant expects Red Bull to conduct a transparent investigation into the allegations she made against Horner.

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