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Christian Horner Reveals How Geri Halliwell ‘Indirectly’ Sponsored His Career Through Spice Girls

Aditya Srivastava

Christian Horner Reveals How Geri Halliwell ‘Indirectly’ Sponsored His Career Through Spice Girls

Geri Halliwell and Christian Horner, enjoying over eight years of marital happiness, symbolize a life brimming with joys. Fans have closely followed their journey, likening it to an elegant dance through life’s various phases. Considering this in a recent conversation with Drew Barrymore, Christian Horner shared insights into the nuanced dynamics of their relationship. During the interview, Horner revealed an intriguing period where Geri indirectly supported his career financially.

Recalling his early days as a driver, Horner revealed that his sponsors, engaged in baking cakes through a licensing agreement with the Spice Girls, presented him with an enticing proposal.

According to Horner’s account, “I was told, ‘If they sell the cakes with the Spice logo, we’ll sponsor you more.’ Every young kid wanted a Spice Girls birthday cake, so she indirectly financed my career.” 

Apparently, the Spice Girls garnered worldwide fame in the nineties, with their debut album “Spice” (1996) selling over 23 million copies globally. However, within the following five years, the band disbanded to pursue solo projects.

Discussing his initial career wasn’t the only highlight for Horner.  The Red Bull boss also informed Barrymore that his meeting with Giner Spice Geri was destined.

While recounting this aspect, Horner disclosed that when they crossed paths again during his Red Bull years, she remained a challenging individual to handle. Horner said, “She came to a race where we had Sebastian Vettel and Australian driver Mark Webber. She argued it was unfair to support Sebastian more because he was doing all the winning and she added that you need to give Mark Webber the same car. And I said, ‘Have you ever thought the other guy’s just a bit better?”

Christian Horner delves deeper into his relationship with Gari Halliwell

Christian Horner and Geri Halliwell, who tied the knot in 2015 have experienced a deepening connection over the years, complementing each other in every aspect of their lives. However, in a recent interview with Drew Barrymore, the 51-year-old hinted at a spicy revelation that could potentially earn him a playful scolding from Geri.

During the interview, Horner shared a humorous incident from a period when Geri took a brief break from their relationship. Playfully recounting the moment to Barrymore, Horner mentioned, ” Then she walked off and I said look I always preferred Baby Spice.” Baby Spice is none other than Emma Bunton, who joined the iconic Spice Girls group in the 1990s as its youngest member.

Nevertheless, as the conversation progressed, Horner shared that this was the nature of their relationship for a while. Horner explained, “That’s the relationship we have. She’ll take the Mickey out of me; I’ll take the Mickey out of her. You’ve got to be able to laugh, and we laugh every day, whether it’s something stupid, etc.”

However, as Horner wrapped up the discussion, he revealed that despite having a strong connection initially, the duo drifted apart for some years before eventually reuniting. In reflecting on this, Horner expressed that he had always nurtured a deep connection with Geri Halliwell and harbored the desire to marry her.

Horner related their connection and relationships with a seed that has blossomed into a beautiful bond with 8 years of marriage. The British boss and Ginger Spice have 3 children currently, one each from their previous relationship and one son Monty who was born to them in 2017. Halliwell and Horner also love horses and have a lot of them.

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