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Red Bull Boss Denies the Rumours of Netflix Producing a Show on Christian Horner and Wife Geri Halliwell

Nischay Rathore

Red Bull Boss Denies the Rumours of Netflix Producing a Show on Christian Horner and Wife Geri Halliwell

Reports emerged earlier this month over the possibility of a Netflix reality show on Christian Horner and Geri Halliwell’s life. A section of the English media claimed the couple was in touch with the OTT giant, discussing the possibilities. The Red Bull team principal has now addressed the rumors recently. Horner did not just refute the claims but also expressed cluelessness over the origins of the news.

Speaking during the recently concluded Chinese GP weekend (as quoted by Formula Passion), he said, “There is no documentary in preparation about our family. Netflix already does enough things. I really don’t know where this news came from.”

The Italian publication referred to a report from The Mirror that speculated about the format of the show. Victoria Beckham, Geri’s fellow Spice Girl, appeared in a Netflix series that showcased her and her husband, David Beckham’s, lives.

The show was reportedly an attempt to show the normalcy in the couple’s life after the former soccer star was alleged to have an extra-marital affair. Netflix pitched a similar idea to Horner-Halliwell, who recently hit a rough patch. The Christian Horner saga lasted more than a month and was the talk of the town in the F1 realm.

To show her unwavering support for her husband, Geri Halliwell even made several paddock appearances. All this while, Toto Wolff and Zak Brown called for more transparency in cases pertaining to such sensitivity.

The allegations faced by Christian Horner

Red Bull GmbH (the parent company) initiated an investigation against Christian Horner days before the start of the 2024 season. The allegations referred to “inappropriate behavior” with a female employee of Red Bull Racing.

After a few days, the parent company “dismissed the grievance” against Horner following the submission of a report by an independent legal expert, who investigated the case. That, however, did not end the controversy.

As rumors and speculations ran amok in media reports, an anonymous email reached roughly 150 people, containing a link to a Google Drive that allegedly contained leaked chats between the complainant and Christian Horner. The recipients included high-ranking officials of the FIA and F1 and members of the F1 media.

Later, reports surfaced, claiming payment of $1.1 million to the complainant as severance pay. The controversy is no longer a hotly discussed topic in the media. However, it has left a lasting impact on Red Bull Racing.

Jos Verstappen (father of Max Verstappen) openly called for Horner’s ouster. As division within the team became apparent and speculations ran over a possible exodus of key figures.

Those included CTO Adrian Newey, the man responsible for Red Bull and Verstappen’s ongoing dominant run. Reports claim the 65-year-old received offers from the likes of Aston Martin and Ferrari. Ferrari, as per Newey himself, is one outfit he has regrets of never working with.

As far as drivers go, Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso make that short and exhaustive list. The Briton has the chance to realize two of those three dream projects by joining Ferrari in the coming years. That will be the time Hamilton will join them as well.

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