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Christian Horner Tried To Stage a Coup at Red Bull and Boot out Key Figure

Aditya Srivastava

Christian Horner Tried To Stage a Coup at Red Bull and Boot out Key Figure

Christian Horner is in the limelight currently because of the ongoing scandal that is tarnishing Red Bull’s image. However, behind the scenes, unrest has been wreaking havoc on the team, since last year, after Horner tried to acquire Red Bull with the help of British financiers.

After founder and long-time boss Dietrich Mateschitz passed away in 2022, there was a power struggle at Red Bull. Chalerm Yoovidhya, a Thai businessman became the majority shareholder of the Austrian company Red Bull GmBH with 51%. The remaining 49% remained with Mateschitz’s son Mark, but there have always been rumors of the faction being split into two suggesting that there was no harmony within.

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A person who went on to become a key figure in this alleged rift was Christian Horner. In 2023, there were speculations that he wanted to stage a ‘coup’ and get Helmut Marko out of Red Bull Racing. He wanted more control over their sporting structure, and Marko seemed like the biggest hurdle he had to get out of the way.

Horner knew he had to be in complete charge. He wanted to acquire Red Bull’s F1 team, and went behind Mateschitz to do so.

The 50-year-old has always been on good terms with Yoovidhya and his family, so he presented an offer to them as per Formula Passion.

According to the publication, “Christian Horner would have presented himself to the Yoovidhya family with an offer from financiers in the British area with the aim of acquiring( whole or in part) the F1 team from the company.”

Mateschitz and the Austrian part of Red Bull were unaware of Horner’s attempt to take over the F1 team. This reportedly escalated the rift between the two parties, something that can be felt even today.

Christian Horner saves his job thanks to Thai Red Bull bosses

Horner has been in the bad books, from the perspective of several Red Bull higher ups for quite some time now, as per reports. The ongoing scandal he is a part of seems to be the final nail in the coffin. Mateschitz, and Managing Director of Red Bull GmBH, Oliver Mintzlaff, wanted him gone and even had papers ready to announce his departure. 

That is when the Thai owners stepped in. They prevented Mintzlaff from finalizing the departure, and Horner stayed on as Red Bull’s team principal. However, the ending to the saga is nowhere in sight.

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Horner continues to maintain his innocence. But ever since the verdict came out, figures like Jos Verstappen are openly calling for his head. His presence seems to be tarnishing the Red Bull name. So how long Yoovidhya and Red Bull let him be in charge remains to be seen.

He is still fulfilling his duties as team principal. However, it has been reported that he won’t be present for the upcoming race in Jeddah.

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