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Ferrari Boys Concert Soon? Charles Leclerc Might Just Bring Lewis Hamilton Out of His Musical Hiding

Somin Bhattacharjee

Ferrari Boys Concert Soon? Charles Leclerc Might Just Bring Lewis Hamilton Out of His Musical Hiding

Lewis Hamilton has refrained from being publicly involved in music for several years, but with his blockbuster move to Ferrari just seven months away, this too could change. His future teammate Charles Leclerc talks about a recent interaction he had with the seven-time world champion regarding the same.

“I talked about it with Lewis. Not a concert but music,” said Leclerc. “We have two quite different styles, so I don’t think that will happen. But you never know.”

Leclerc has delved deeply into music and shares videos of him playing the piano on social media handles too. Last year, he also launched three singles, skyrocketing his popularity in the industry.

Meanwhile, Hamilton’s last public venture in music was a feature in Christina Aguilera’s song, ‘Pipe’. He hid the fact that he was a part of the music video, mainly because he didn’t want it to be subject to criticism.

Nonetheless, Hamilton continues to be involved in music personally and still composes pieces, which he keeps to himself.

But now that two music lovers are going to be teammates at Ferrari, there is a chance they will work together to create something special. Just like they plan on doing on the track.

Charles Leclerc focuses on “other priorities”

Lewis Hamilton is desperate for wins and a shot at the World Championship, which is why he joined Ferrari in the first place. Mercedes currently languishes in the midfield, and the Brackley-based outfit is showing no signs of improvement.

Similarly, Leclerc (often labeled as the golden boy of Ferrari) has long been tipped to be the man who will bring Championship glory back to Maranello. But so far, he has fallen short. In 2025, Leclerc will take part in his seventh season with the Italian team. And with the progress they are expected to make, will be hoping to compete for the title.

Together, Leclerc and Hamilton also want to bring success to Ferrari as a whole. This is why Leclerc admits to having “other priorities” when his partnership with the Stevenage-born driver begins.

Post Edited By:Aishwary Gaonkar

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