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“Fine With Me”: Guenther Steiner Responds to Ralf Schumacher’s Career Ending Ultimatum

Aishwary Gaonkar

“Fine With Me”: Guenther Steiner Responds to Ralf Schumacher’s Career Ending Ultimatum

Guenther Steiner has been quite vocal about Mick Schumacher’s career, being his boss at Haas formerly. However, his outspoken opinion and criticism against Mick has not gone well with the German’s uncle, Ralf Schumacher. Steiner has been in a verbal feud with the former Williams driver for several months since 2023. Now, Steiner’s views on Mick’s chances with Alpine have intensified this feud as Ralf has issued an ultimatum that the 59-year-old won’t work with the American-Italian.

After his exit from Haas in early 2024, Steiner has been working in the media side of F1, particularly German media. Ralf is a regular pundit on several German media outlets like RTL. Earlier this season, the duo had kept their differences aside to work together as pundits for the Bahrain GP.

However, this peace agreement has again been broken as Ralf is not happy with Steiner’s comments about his nephew. The former Haas boss stated that Alpine should not sign Mick Schumacher as the German driver did not live up to his potential in his two years in F1 and is yet to score a point in the 2024 WEC season.

However, Ralf deemed Steiner’s comments as “senseless”, while speaking with F1 Insider. Ralf then also claimed that he wouldn’t be able to work alongside Steiner for RTL any longer. This could spell the end of either of their career stints in the media.

Upon hearing this on The Red Flags podcast, Steiner nonchalantly stated how he doesn’t mind this ultimatum. He stated, “That’s fine with me [not working with Ralf Schumacher]. I didn’t do it with him before so it’s life. I mean I am alright”.

Prior to this, Ralf was not happy with Steiner’s management of Mick’s exit in 2022. The former Williams driver defended his nephew’s driving amid Steiner’s loud and harsh criticism against the 2020 F2 champion.

How Ralf Schumacher and Guenther Steiner are not letting it slide in their verbal war

Ralf also highlighted how Haas is doing much better in 2024 without Steiner as their team boss. However, Steiner did a fact-check to get back at the German on the Red Flags podcast.

The 59-year-old mentioned, “Last year at this stage, Haas had more points than they have now. So we need to put the numbers right.” While Steiner is objectively correct, Schumacher’s point is not entirely wrong.

Haas is actually doing much better in terms of the overall performance potential and its race pace. In 2023, they were mercurial every weekend with promising qualifying pace, but abysmal tire management and race pace.

That scenario has reversed this year under Ayao Komatsu despite fewer points to show for it. The reason for the same has been a couple of horrific outings, including the double DNF in Monaco for the American team.

While this verbal battle seems to have reignited due to Mick’s bid for an F1 return, Steiner and Ralf could continue exchanging such jabs and comments as the 25-year-old strives to prove his mettle in the WEC.

With the 24 Hours of Le Mans happening this weekend, it could be a golden opportunity for Mick to open his account for Alpine and register a good result. Time will tell if that helps him secure an F1 seat with the French team or anywhere else.

Post Edited By:Vidit Dhawan

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