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Geri Halliwell Warned of Repeating Victoria Beckham’s “Toxic” Mistake and Walking Into Fire for Christian Horner

Aditya Srivastava

Geri Halliwell Warned of Repeating Victoria Beckham's "Toxic" Mistake and Walking Into Fire For Christian Horner

Christian Horner and his family have suddenly found themselves in a tumultuous situation after allegations surfaced accusing the Briton of inappropriate behavior towards a female colleague. Sources also indicate that the investigation centers on concerns regarding Horner’s strict work practices. These allegations have profoundly affected Horner’s wife Geri Halliwell. Consequently, a public relations expert has advised Halliwell to exercise caution before emulating her former bandmate Victoria Beckham’s strategy of publicly displaying marital unity.

He stated in an interview with The Sun, “If they’re confident that the allegations are baseless and that the independent investigation will vindicate Mr Horner, they could put on a public show of marital unity. Like Geri’s fellow Spice Girl Victoria Beckham did when it emerged her husband David had been having an affair.”

According to Daily Mail reports, Geri Halliwell has been observed following the example set by Victoria Beckham, who publicly supported her husband David Beckham during allegations of an affair in 2004.

The reports suggest that Halliwell intends to stand by Christian Horner similarly. However, PR boss Jack Izzard, CEO of Rhizome Media, has cautioned the former Spice Girls saying that emulating Posh Spice’s approach could be “risky” and “toxic”.

Geri’s actions carry significant risk because of the nature of the allegations against Horner. Accusations of inappropriate behavior by a man in a position of power can have far-reaching consequences. These implications might also surpass those of an extramarital affair. Therefore, If Horner is found guilty, the repercussions for Geri could be extensive.

This is because Geri, who has transformed her image, associating herself with the Cotswold lifestyle, is reportedly hopeful of receiving a CBE for her efforts in promoting literacy.

What is the update on the investigation into Christian Horner’s cases?

Since going public, Horner’s case has garnered a lot of attention. A recent update reveals that an external lawyer has been actively gathering evidence related to the alleged incident. Moreover, reports indicate that the barrister met with Christian Horner in London yesterday for the first time.

Since it’s not a legal matter, this meeting wasn’t a formal hearing or deposition. Rather, it served as an opportunity for Horner to provide his own version of events.

According to Sky Sports, the meeting reportedly lasted a full eight hours, running from 10 AM to 6 PM on Friday. Craig Slater elaborated on it, “I have been guided away from expecting an outcome to this investigation today.”

Slater also emphasized that this day held great significance for the team. Despite this, Red Bull is not hastening to deliver any verdict. He stated that it was not expected that the inquiry would provide an outcome on Friday. Therefore, until further updates are provided, it remains intriguing to observe what lies ahead for Red Bull.

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